Legalize Cannabis In Wisconsin - [Crop Smuggling]

3 months ago

Ever Have To Smuggle Your Own Crop Into Your Own House?

I Do.

Hello smokers, I was going through my security camera SDCards and came across some images of me bringing in some of my cannabis last season. Thought I'd share them with you, let you know what the neighbors get to watch when you grow your own cannabis.


That is an arm full of cannabis!

With it still being illegal here in the great state of Wisconsin, I had to crop out the images a bit, I also apologize for the graininess.


Here's one of the top branches.

I had so much cannabis to trim last year this was a normal site in our yard. I know the neighbors had to see me once or twice. No matter how inconspicuous you try to be, your neighbors in a city are sure to see one or two trips into the house.


Another Top!


Ah there's a main trunk, saw and all.

We all know what this looked like in the basement...


Legalize It!

I can't wait till our legislature gets its act together and finally follows suit with the rest of the 21st century. I still find it absolutely disgusting that the state government here in Wisconsin still rejects putting legalized cannabis on our ballots. All that I have seen in the local areas/districts is a couple of referendums. Nothing with credible weight has come of the votes though.

There was a great feeling when Governor Tony Evers took office that he would legalize, at the very least medicinal. However the push back from the last remaining baby boomers in the state house and senate, whose brains were washed with the governments anti-cannabis propaganda in the early days, has pushed any talk of legalization to the wayside.

I really hope we don't have to wait for all the older generations in congress to vacate their seats for them to realize it is going to happen, the question is when. There are too many studies showing how wrong the government was in its messages to the vast public in relation to cannabis.

I still hold out hope that the federal government will re-classify cannabis, remove it from the schedule of controlled substances. A substance to which they say has no clinical value. We have to realize as a society, we were lied to.

Until next time, Toe, Toe, Toke it up!



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I think more than not, the public agrees.