Hello From The Garden

20 days ago

Just a nice hello.

Gorilla Passion is coming along nicely!

The squares are 5x5.



She has some nice node structure going on!



Almost 3x3, still have approximately 40 days of veg left. Then the stretch. Hope she buds up tight.

Until next time toe toe Toke it up!


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I probably missed some updates while I struggled with my healfh/vision, but this is a garden project I've been looking forward to after seeing last year's grow.


Glad your back and feeling better!

What a lovely garden !


Thank you!

Nice bush bro:D


Bitch has as many branches as you got chapters! 😉

Looks natural and green. Lovely buds


Thank you.

That's a hell of a pheno you got there! Nice work on your SGROG!


Thanks! @tecnosgirl’s Gorilla Passion, F1.

It is going to be so amazing to see this finally finishing up and harvest. :) I'm excited to see the end of this! Maybe more excited to see the beautiful buds start to create!


It should turn out well! This plant is really sprawling out. Hope it looks as good as the Snow White last year.

Hey @Relaylogix, I saw your question on my last post. What have ya got for a computer virus's name?


A reintroduction to STUXNet.


Which is a real State developed virus.


Great! I will use it somewhere:D