Got Your Clones Ready For The Season?

2 months ago

Just taking some clones today, figured I’d share a couple photos.


Keep em moist n warm!


Have you Smoked one today?



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The cuttings look already amazing! what strain?


Shit...because I got high!

This is @tecnosgirl’s Gorilla Passion!


they look so pretty....

I found some root stuff to do some clones with. So the next grow (I decided I am gonna start some new seeds cause what is going on) I am gonna get me some clones.


I use rooting compound as well. Almost 100% success rate.


Aloe is an awesome clone jelly. Just soak clone in aloe water for 24 hours. Than put the clone in the jelly from a plant and in to peat moss

I wish i could grow, unfair :( lol


Stealth My Friend...Stealth...
I can't grow either! Shhhhh...