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2 months ago


Long time, stoners! I've been busy as hell, broke as fuck, but still loving my cannabis!

This season has brought me a few hurdles in life generally, but fuck it I'm above the dirt, and so is my cannabis. I have been told she is an award winning plant. Well, ok? I just think she looks good, and with the stretch just about to commence, she is sure to be a massive plant.


This seed was gifted to me by @tecnosgirl, what a beaut she has bred. This F1 Gorilla Passion, a cross of Passion Fruit and Gorilla Glue, is a phenomenal phenotype. She has the growth structure of the Passion Fruit, a sativa dominant, but the bush of the Gorilla Glue, which is a hybrid strain. You can definitely pick out the long inter-node spacing of the sativa strain.


This plant has just exploded, natural sunlight is by far the way cannabis was meant to be grown. Mix that with a healthy supply of rain water, even capturing rain and filling up milk jugs just to be sure she was getting as pure to earth as I could. When I feed I mix the good stuff in with the rain water. She sure loves it, well her size says so anyways.

Although, growing outdoors has its advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Pests, drought, animals, fungus, wind, hail, the list goes on and on. This is why in order to achieve great results, you need to really put some thought into things. Which way the storms generally approach, what are your neighbors growing, do I have means of supplying non-chlorinated water to the soil? A lot of things come into play. My advice is to think before you plant, cannabis takes a full season to grow outdoors, not your typical 3 months that an indoor grower tries to maintain. This adds most likely 2 times the duration to your grow. I'm sure we've all heard the horror stories of things that have gone wrong in an indoor grow and that all transpires in your average 3 months. Now take 3 more months to keep it controlled.


This year has been no exception to this outdoor routine, I've been battling aphids, which I do have under control, and black beetles, which I do not yet have the remedy for. These little fuckers are actually eating my beautiful foliage. You can see the chewed holes on various leaves throughout my garden. I need to stop them and soon as I have eluded we are fast approaching flowering. I will give the gals a good spray down of my tap water/dawn mix. (1 tbsp to 1 gal) This has seemed to keep the aphids at bay without harming the plant to dramatically. I will douse it one good time, two nights in a row. This seemed to really work, as the aphids are just now re-showing themselves. I'd say that its been about a month since I last sprayed.

Her measurements are 90"(2,286mm) x 74"(1,879.6mm) x 62"(1,574.8mm). Yha, shes a hedge. Not to bad for an amateur. I have been feeding her Earth Juice® nutrients, and Herculean Harvest® for phosphorus. She seems to take to the food well, I have been feeding about once every 2 - 3 weeks. I have noticed a bit of spotting on the leaf so I cut back on the frequency of feeding. I still have not gotten the tell tale signs of burnt tips, but the tiny round burn spotting is a really good first indication she may be beginning to absorb too much. Best to just cut back a bit and watch the new growth for the signs of deficiency.









Big plants need a big stem system, and big buds need strong stalks. This is the structure holding all that wonderful cannabis up towards the sky.


I'm always amazed at how they develop and bark out. I am totally making marshmallow roasting utensils out of these branches. Long, straight, they'll smell really good burning, how could I go wrong here. I will trim a lot of this scraggly shit away here in the next week or so. I have already taken some of the inner lanky branches, that see minimal light, off. Those trimmings smelled really nice in my bonfire this last weekend. As the whole neighborhood smelled de-lish. That thick smoke just lingered in the hot and humid dense air, as there were hardly a breeze.

Although nice to talk about and very nice to look at, the Gorilla Passion is not the only star in the garden. I also have 2 Gorilla Cookies, and 1 Gorilla Glue. I had 2 Gorilla Glue but 1 was definitely a male and also made the bonfire! The 2 Gorilla Cookies are suspect, but I'm not so sure, as they seem to have pistils forming. We'll see, I have my eye on them closely. The Gorilla Glue I am almost 100% positive she is a she. Something can be said about how a plant develops, she has been a bit slower, a bit fuller, a bit stouter, than all the other Gorilla seed I had going alongside the Passion. I would not be surprised to be chopping both Gorilla Cookies and being down the the Passion and a Glue.

Gorilla Cookies 1

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Cookies 2



This is where if I were an indoor grower, I would probably have taken the male Gorilla Glue and isolated it in 12 and 12 to gather pollen. I would then use this pollen to back breed a Gorilla Passion clone with the intent of stabilizing the genetics of the strain and possibly injecting a bit more of the Glue genetics. All of this is rudimentary really, I have no idea what she will turn out to be in the end yet. F1's in my opinion are hard to say what to alter if anything.

Well tokers, I hope my ramblings have kept your interest. Until next time, toe, toe, toke it up!

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She’s indeed a beaut. Hopefully she carries a solid harvest as well.

Still one of the grows I look forward most to. Thanks for another stellar update!


My pleasure. I can’t wait until she fills up as well. Shit I hope she swells!

I would say to call a statin award winning is all about the flower, then ofcourse is it vigorous, mold resistant,etc etc. what I would say is, your hard work and diligence is where the award should go to at this point . Great work and I ain’t lying when I say I so cant wait to see the flowers!


Here’s to that award winning bud! 2 1/2 to 3 months to go.


I’m rooting for you!

I really love this strain 😊💚

Really an amazing grow ! I am astonished about how round it has become. Well, you took good care of it and your reward is soon coming into reality. I hope to grow one someday.

She is amazing and those other girls are pretty nice too.

Big huge bushy bush! Wow! :D I love it! This one take the cake for best bush.