Gorilla Passion Outdoor Grow [Done Spreading]

3 months ago


A Peak In The Garden

Yesterday the sun was shinning brightly and I had to take some pictures of the Gorilla Passion plant. The hours of the day have plateaued and the vegetative growth stage is fast approaching its end. I figure it is time to call the SCROG tucking done for this season. Now it is time to wait for gal to stretch for the sky!







Since I don't plan on her growing out anymore, I can finalize my SCROG netting so I can get around the garden easier. I use Zipties to stretch and pull the net to its final location. Anyone that has used the common tomato netting for their SCROG knows that over time the netting stretches and the plant grows enough strength to overcome the pull down. By keeping one of the corners able to be tightened up, I can snug it up if need be.






I am truly pleased with the spread of the Gorilla Passion F1. It rained a bit here today, still wanted to see how she recovered from all the commotion of fixing up the netting yesterday. I got some pictures and measurements.







Wow did she really recover, and in just one night! The beauty measures 4Ft(1.21m) x 4Ft(1.21m). She ought to be able to produce a lot of buds throughout her countless colas! I'm eager to see what becomes of her in a month once she starts to flower out. I know @tecnosgirl is closely watching. BTW, what was the dimensional spread of the one you grew indoor? I am curious, as I know you have mentioned more than once of yours being really bushy. It would be nice to see the differences between indoor outdoor.

She's not the only plant I have going this year, I also have 4 other seedlings sprouted and racing to a foot tall before flower. Fingers crossed they should make it! 2 Gorilla Cookies, 2 Gorilla Glue. Not sure if these are female or male so I will need to watch them closely. I have read that if a plant begins to flower before it reaches maturity, even a female will have a tendency to herm out. The plant thinks it has missed the party or rather that it has little chance of survival and will do everything to keep the species going. Thus the plant will produce both sex organs in hopes of self pollination, and self seed production.

Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4

Well times moving fast this season, like I said, I just can't wait for this plant to bud out. It's exciting! Until next time toe toe toke it up!


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Exceptional post! Great point on deciding your done tucking and folding branches. For myself I can get carried away with it, but there is a point where you need to let her go and do her own thing.

Man I so can’t wait to see this thing flower!!


I used to get carried away too, but I have discovered, outdoors once your light plateaus the plant begins to stretch due the loss of said light. In my opinion the stretch should be up not out.

I look at growth in two stages, spread then stretch. Buds just happen.


damn great tip man.


I’m a fool, but I guess I can talk a good game. 😉 Anyone reading this can grow cannabis this well. Just add water, a bit of time, a lot of effort. Most importantly, Smoke one with the gal daily!

Bombastic grow!!!

I didn't measures them when I grew them indoors. I did get twice as much as my other plants grew though.

Looking killer. That size is insane. Here I thought I had a bush going on but looks nothing like this one...