Gorilla Passion - Gorilla Cookies Grow Update

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23 days ago


Hello all,

A little grow update on the ladies. There seems to be a little bit of bud out here. Here's to hoping she gets enough time to finish up. I'll give you a little walk around the bush as they say in Australia. See if there is anything for ya to look at. Not much happens here now except explosion. My stretch is coming to a screeching halt, and now the fill in begins.



The Gorilla Passion size is comparable to previous posts, however the density has increased by a lot. As you can see the buds are starting to swell up, as the buds finalize their growth and start to ripen, if all goes well, the stalks you see now will be buried beneath the elongating bud structure. This will make way for the fabulous buds we all look forward too.



Just like Gorilla Passion, the Gorilla Cookies is also coming along nicely. This will definitely be my special treat buds. They are just beautiful in color and appearance. Yes, she could be much better but she wasn't sown until late June, she was hit bad with Cannabis Leaf Septoria, and she grows in the shadow of her big sister! So I'll take it for my first Gorilla Cookie harvest ever. Here's a few pics of her buds...




It was a bit later this evening when the photos were taken of the GCO, I will post some vibrant sun ridden pics this weekend to highlight her appeal. Here are some random photos I took around my garden tonight just because...















I have still been feeding my unsulphured molasses solution and will continue for 1 more week. Then I will begin to switch to straight water and start to flush out the best I can outside. The mention of possible sap excretion from the buds had me do a bit of research here recently. I did find a couple of articles which spoke of such a phenomenon, however it was not due to the molasses. It appears to me as I read it and from my interpretation of a couple videos, this happens when there is a high stress flush. This was all new to me and have never really heard of it. Apparently, high EC(Electrical Conductivity) feeding mixed with very cold temps and the straight water to flush, shock the plant which causes them to flush themselves at the bud nodes. This is sugar water from what I have read. Disclaimer: my info came from various threeds and a vid or 2. This topic will get its own post here soon as it requires quite a bit more reading to be done.

That's all I got for you tonight.
Until next time toe toe toke it up!


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