Garden Views And Skunky La Pews

7 months ago

Hello fellow tokers. Hope your gardens are looking as fabulous as mine. Some may disagree, but this is by far my prettiest crop to date. Fullest too! This years finishing weather is just been spot on. It has been a bit humid recently, but the 74°F daytimes and low 50°F nights have been phenomenal. My buds are finishing up nicely, firming up and filling out just the way we hoped.

I really think my gals are very photogenic and love to share them with you!

Copy of IMG_4924.jpg


I can not begin to tell you how beautiful her perfume is. Hopefully the neighbors think so too! Today as I was doing some lawn work I past the garden about 10 feet away[3m] I could smell her aroma. This pungent, yet still blossoming fragrance is almost breath taking to enjoy in all its glory. I truly wish I was able to convey the essence to you.

Short of bringing you enough crisp photography, and some long winded explanations on what I am experiencing, I leave the smells to your greatest imagination.

Copy of IMG_4927.jpg


I had four plants, a Vanilla Kush, a JCExtreme NoName, and 2 Snow Whites. One of the Snow Whites I had to chop down due to a quick spreading Botrytis. It was the smallest plant in my garden and I did not shed a tear. This plants location was wrong from the beginning, I planted it in a location that was sheltered from sun light as the other plants grew. Now with it gone there is more air flow and sun light for the outer branches of the JCExtreme NoName, and the remaining beaut, Snow White.

Copy of IMG_4925.jpg


Copy of IMG_4931.jpg

Copy of IMG_4932.jpg


Copy of IMG_4934.jpg


Copy of IMG_4935.jpg


Copy of IMG_4936.jpg


Copy of IMG_4929.jpg


JCExtreme is looking loaded this year. I'm pretty sure last season I had to pull this strain around the 20th of September due to weather conditions. This year it looks like I might just luck out with weather well into October. This has me super excited for final yields on her. After all, last season this one strain, I only grew 1 plant, produced a little over a half pound. JC isn't all I have this year, here's some more #growporn...

Copy of IMG_4937.jpg

[Snow White]
Copy of IMG_4942.jpg

[Snow White]
Copy of IMG_4944.jpg

[Snow White]



I couldn't keep the little fingers off the grass. That's ok, god meant it to be.
Until next time Toe Toe Toke it up...


Here are a few more photos in no order at all...

Copy of IMG_4928.jpg
Copy of IMG_4930.jpgCopy of IMG_4933.jpgCopy of IMG_4940.jpgCopy of IMG_4946.jpgCopy of IMG_4948.jpgCopy of IMG_4949.jpgCopy of IMG_4951.jpgCopy of IMG_4954.jpg


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That garden has become truly awesome. Enjoying each update about it. And, most of all, looks like it will be a nice crop.

You´ll have a grand harvest and all buds look so full. I hope it will be fat ones.... Love the trichs and the pistils!

amazing grow :)