Final Harvest Is In. JCExtreme Weighted Once Again!

9 months ago

Why I Continue To Grow JCExtreme


These are the last photos of my monster JCExtreme NoName plant. I really think she turned out well this year! A solid sativa whose buds are fluffy but full of trichome weight! After all, we're in this to grow THC.

Some of the colas were astoundingly fat and heavy. I wanted 2 more weeks but I had to take her down on the 11th of October. Almost exactly one month longer than I got last year. We had a hard freeze that night and I had to frantically take her down all at once. I really didn't think I was going to get this much cannabis from one plant, however after my fourth trip in the house with my arms full of 3-4 foot, 1-1.5 meter long branches, told me I was going to get yield. The funny pictures I must have captured on my game camera I set up for surveillance as I walked past with this years haul.



Just look at all the buds in this picture. The smell as I cut her down was phenomenal. A hint of hashish pine, almost like the smell of a vaped cloud, with the powerful skunky after-tones. I'm really glad my old lady neighbor is partial to the smell of the occasional skunk. She has to know I grow! After all this plant has been stinking for months.




You cannot grow a plant of this size without a firm 'trunk' underneath her. Look at the base of her this year. It is easily big enough to hide a 12 ounce soda can.


Quite possibly the fattest stalk I've ever grown in all my time.
All the fellow growers I know would drop their jaw and raise their eye to see this in person.

My house stank for days while I processed the cannabis in my basement. The dwelling still stinks daily when I burp jars and or spread out any buds which have regained their moisture during the curing procedure. Tonight I de-carbed about 2 ounces of leaf and bud and then ground it up fine to be used for future edibles. I really like my butter, and my friends do too! Check out the upside down forest...





This was a lot of work to trim all of this grass up. I mean days of trimming and being sticky and high and trimming and sticky and high and …. oh,,, Let me just say it was monotonous.

After all was said and done, JCExtreme approximately came in at a whopping 560 grams. That is one plant you all. I did weigh each jar to 28.0g upon drying, I jarred up 13 for myself, let a fellow grower come and trim another 3 ounces; weighed, and let them take it for themselves. I trimmed up another 2 ounces tonight for my butter and I asked another growing acquaintance to come trim the last ounce or two left hanging downstairs.

My final batches...


I grew 4 plants this year, and adding in the 9 ounces of Snow White, and 2 ounces of Vanilla Kush to the JCExtreme. I had a total harvest approximately of, give or take a quarter ounce or two, 868 grams. Not to bad...

I have a nice feeling I will be ok all winter long. It is a sudden ease, as well as a long run money saver. It was no far stretch for me to have spent $300 USD a month on cannabis. That was my regular purchase rate, 1/2 ounce every payday, $150 USD every other week. This savings adds up fast. I have already felt the ease of the financial burden to self medicate myself lifting up off of my shoulders. It is a really good feeling knowing I know what is in my pharma, and that I produced it myself!

Well tokers, get out there and be growers, and as always! Toe Toe Toke it up!



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First one to spot the logo in my pictures and name which picture wins 142 Smoke! Good Luck, make your guesses below.


My goodness, that is a super huge haul my friend!!! More than half a kilo is enorm from just 1 plant. It's really good to be growing outdoor. CONGRATULATIONS!

Oh my guess for the logo is picture nr. 11 (2nd pic from below) the paper on the table and on top of the open box below.


Your Smoke is in da wallet!


WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH! That was fast! Happy Weekend!


You got it. The magnet on my computer tower!


I know that magnet


Courtesy of the one and only
Queen of Smoke.

No jail better then trim jail. Nice harvest.

Wow. Quite the grow.

I can't wait to get to grow outside. I would love to be able to grow outdoors so I could get more than a few ounces off my plants. She looks beautiful and I would love to try her