Dusk Buds

in #grow
8 months ago





Too pretty not to share...

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Definetely amazing pictures 😊 They seem really healthy 💚

Pretty pretty pretty I must say some good genetics there.

Love those colors


Me too 💚😍

What a beautiful bud,


That’s the Gorilla Cookies.


My kind of cookies 😅🤩💚

Man that's going to yield so much, nice one!

What nutrients and stuff are you using?


I veg’d with Earth Juice Grow, worm castings, Earth Juice CalMag. She started in Ocean Forest. For flower I’ve been using Earth Juice Bloom, Herculean Harvest, Brer Rabbit Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses and absolutely nothing but rain water. She had an extra long start, I sprouted this seed in February. It was transplanted outdoors in the beginning of June. She veg’d a good while.

Gorgeous pics relay! You strive for the best!