Cloning JCExtreme [A Grow Log Supplement]

5 months ago
Like I had mentioned in my previous Grow Log, here is the process we performed to take our #clones from the JCExtreme plants.

Nothing fancy here, just cut, re-cut, slit, scrape, dip, plant.

  • First thing you do is pick your clone. I look for one that has a few nodes, my buddy says he looks for them to be at least 4 inches(101.6mm) long.

  • Once you picked out your sweet identic replica, cut it from mother close to her stem.

    IMG_2565.jpg           IMG_2566.jpg

  • The next thing we needed to do was trim a couple low leaves and make the clean cut at approximately a 45° angle.

IMG_2567.jpg     IMG_2568.jpg

I know, I know, look at the counter your cutting that on! Don't worry I got gloves on. And need I say, This is the result...

Back to the Grow Supplement...

  • The next thing we did was slit up the center of the stem about 1/2 inch(12.7mm).


  • The next thing was to gently scrape that same 1/2 inch(12.7mm) with the razor.


  • Now let's dunk n dip...

IMG_2571.jpg     IMG_2572.jpg

  • Last thing was to plant that baby into the waiting already prepared sprout disc.
    IMG_2573.jpg     IMG_2574.jpg

     That is all there is to taking a clone. These discs and clones will now be covered to keep high humidity and kept under low intensity lighting until they root. They then will be transplanted into planting pots.

Not much too it.


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Very interesting....could be usefull/save money for people.

In what " mixture" do you dip the replica and what is the purpose of it ?


Rooting compound. It is a hormone that promotes the development of roots.



Cool, I will have to look for that ;)