Blight, Botrytis, Bud Rot, No Matter What It's Called, I Call It Shit.

10 months ago

Shit, and how I deal with it.

As you can see here, with this seasons abundance of moisture 'shit' is just incubating at an alarming rate. Couple that with my ignorance to a well foliated strain, and you have bud rots dream. No that's not a new strain, it's the name of a cultivator's worst nightmare.

Copy of IMG_4841.jpg

Look at this yellowy brown foliage. This is Botrytis for those of you whom have not had the disgust of finding this in your crop. It can devastate the whole crop in days if it isn't caught early. Once it makes itself known, it can't be gotten rid of. The worst of it all, it can make it all the way into the harvest and even ruin your cannabis while its curing.

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Here is another angle at it. Notice the browning of the stem. This is how it works its way into your plant. The only remedy I know of that does not involve chemicals is to cut it out.

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You do not just want to remove the affected bud node / branch, you really need to cut back to ensure the Botrytis is less likely to spread through the plant. I usually cut two to three bud nodes back, unless I didn't catch it early, then I may remove branches. Anything to buy a bit more time for the plants quality buds to ripen. A lot of sources I have read researching on this issue suggest to take the plant down immediately. I could see this being an absolute must for an indoor grower, however for the outdoor enthusiast, I look at 'shit' as just another opportunity to overcome.

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So how does Botrytis occur? From what I have read, Botrytis is a fungus that occurs in different ways, overly wet conditions, susceptible genetics, in adequate sanitation, and my mistake this year, left behind decaying peciolos(leaf stems). That's right, everywhere I have incurred Botrytis this year has been in a location where a inch long brown decaying leaf stem had remained from an earlier pruning.

Learn from my mistake, BE SURE TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE LEAF STEM. The left behind peciolos actually began to decay at their tips. However the part of the stem closest to the stalk was still very much alive. This decay actually worked its way into the stalk before the peciolo falls off naturally. The added moisture this season and dense foliage actually contributed to rotting the peciolos, instead of them normally just drying up and falling to the ground like I am accustom to.

I guess there is still some good here, I learned something about proper pruning thus allowing me to spit some knowledge your way. I think unless an indoor grower is really lacking moisture control, sanitation, Botrytis is more of an outdoor growers issue. Not saying it won't happen, just that indoor growers usually have more control over the humidity / rain / dampness their crops endure.

My silver lining here is two things. First, I get to sample a bit of my crop because I cut off more than the affected area. Though not fabulous, this is a sweet treat. Second, The ONLY plants affected as of right now are the Snow Whites. Both these plants were just loaded with foliage and I know they held rain periodically.

I hope the other strains I have this year stay Botrytis free. As of now I think I will be ok on them as the Vanilla Kush only has a couple weeks to go and the JCExtreme NoName is such a stretchy strain the moisture holding ability of its foliage is practically non existent.

Vanilla Kush!

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Well tokers, until next time Toe, Toe, Toke it up!



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I am awefully sorry for your plant to have gotten this botrytis. I have learned a new weed sickness from you now and I have to remember and watch carefully in my next season of planting.. but still I hope your buds will overcome this sickness ... cheer up my friend! If it persist , it's not the end of the world.


I’m not mad at all. If I didn’t happen I wouldn’t learn! I’m not worried, I’ll probably loose an oz of total weight, out of 2 lbs or 32 oz, I can loose 1 oz.


Oh you don´t lose that many, thank God! I have a strain that is problematic right now, I´m not sure what it is... must have been sensitive to the feed or it got too much water. It had been rainy on and off.... although it is the only one that got brown leaves and mind you, the leaves are curled...The pistils are in abundance but I am losing hope it will be a good harvest. I might just cut it and throw away rather than harvesting an infested plant.


As long as it isn’t your only gal, it’s better to junk the browned out buds. If it were your only plant and it were as far along as your others are, I’d say chop it now and trim out all the shit.

We outdoor enthusiasts have a whole set of different issues we run into bugs, weather, more frequent molds, but if you can stay on top of it all, the outdoor crop yields put shame to the indoor counterparts.


I am not really a fan of indoor growing let alone the costs involved.. imagine the electricity bill, the illness the plant might get..nothing is sure