Morning Smoke

in #grow
25 days ago




Wouldn’t you love waking up to this?

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Killer. I woke up to mine this morning with a lite mist on it. Going to have to start putting some kind of plastic to shield it from that.


Get out there and shake her off.

Looks really great. Plenty to smoke there 😍😊

She is coming along so nicely, she really is beautiful.

I relay would 👍

I love the buds are very good..continue to share the harvest

monster plant..:) nice

dang! how much do you think it'll yield? what kind of nutrients/supplements you giving it?


I hope close to 2 lbs. Right now just molasses with my watering, probably one more phosphorus feeding. I use Hurculean Harvest for my liquid bone meal. Otherwise close enough to harvest now, need to start flushing her out.

like decorations for Christmas