A look at the garden...

11 months ago

Just got back from the road. These plants are going wild

I’m not making this a full fledged grow log, just some pics.












Stick it in the ground!

Until next time, Toe, Toe, Toke it up...



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The netting is low, it seems that these bushes will be gigantic, at least sativa.


I am not in a legal state. I need to maintain control of these babies. I had the net twice as high but this years growing season has been cut short by a month or two due to weather. I had no option but to lower my net if I were going to truly utilize this SCROG.

Stay tuned. We’ll see.


In this case, you will have to work on low plant levels. I wish you success friend.


I felt the same to be honest


By the way just for an idea of how big these plants are already. The net is 7in(177.8mm) x 7in(177.8mm). So at the height of our veg season(today being summer solstice, the longest day) these plants are about 28-30 in(710-760mm) square area a piece.


Hope for the best :)

O wow looking great.

You got plenty of them.. happy growing :)

They've come a long way from when you first put them out there in the buckets. Looking great:) Should be a good yield.