A Gorilla Passion Morning

10 months ago


A quick little hello from the garden this morning. The Gorilla Passion is looking great! Took some actual measurements this morning. I am pleased to report she is 53" x 52" x 36". She's a hedge.









Copy of IMG_7031.jpg

I have to give a big shout out to @canna-curate! @jonyoudyer [aka] @saladbowlgrower sent me this fabulous canna sticker. Thank you from the big up nort hey, and I mean nort not north.

Another nice thing I have going, I spotted a fabulous garden friend. These are some of the best bugs to have on your crop. The lady beetle. Their larva will devour unwanted pests and by the masses. Last year I had to purchase some of these to keep the Aphids at bay. It's nice to see one naturally locating herself on my crop. I hope she lays her eggs.


All you Americans Get Out And Celebrate Your Freedom! Happy 4th! Thank You To Our Founding Fathers For A Great Country!

Until next time toe toe toke it up!



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That plant is a monster. I must say I am jealous of it 😭😁

Wow, that thing is a BEAST!


I have the F1 seeds for this strain if you wamt some just lmk


I now know, after our live stream, he is so proud of that giant 😅 makes me chuckle for guilty reasons 😉

The more I think about it the more I regret not naming her Smoke OG. Though I did name her after her genetics. And am so glad you could grow one outside. Love seeing my grandseeds lol