Morning Smoke!

5 months ago

Saturday is upon us once again, as the flowering weeks melt away! No work, just gardening and kid watching.

Here’s some fabulous #growporn for your Saturday morning coffee.











Until next time... Toe, Toe, Toke it up!



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I love standing in the bush just gazing at all it’s glory!


Quality time with the girls. So many beautiful flowers. Nothing like standing in the middle, breathing them all in. I get high just from the terpenes.


A video walking among these plants would be awesome. If only you could record the aromas also.


I could try. How do I embed videos on here?

Very lovely !!! I love your girls, their buds are fat and almost to be harvested! When are they ready? Mine, I guess in about a week's time.. at least the 2 Green Poison.


My gals are getting close for sure, we’ll 3 of them. The Vanilla Kush has about 1 -2 weeks left, the Snow White around the same time. Unfortunately one of my Snow Whites will be trimmed out early to save the harvest from the Botrytis it suffered. That particular plant was tucked away behind the other Snow White and under the massive JCEXTREME NoName sativa. So it never really got the exposure it truly needed to flourish. Live and learn for future crop placement.

This was the first year I ever implemented the SCROG net. I had no idea how much these babies would sprawl out. Let me tell you I was about 2 feet off on the centers for planting.

The sativa however will most likely go until the weather won’t permit. It’s still in the early phases of flowering. No doubt she could go a month or more yet. However being in Wisconsin I doubt the weather will allow for more than 1 month tops. It’ll be close!

Nice thing about my sativa this year is that it already is as full as last year if not more loaded. Last year I had to pull it late September, way too early, and I was able to still haul in 1/2 lb after it was cured! I smoked on that plant for a whole year!

Here’s to our harvests this year!


Indeed... Cheers!!!

Its nice to wake up and see something so beautiful.