Morning Smoke!

6 months ago

Good Saturday morning Smokers!

Can’t wait to smoke on these. These buds are getting plump!

This is by far my favorite time of year. Good temps, great buds, nice smells. Here’s some #growporn for your Saturday coffee.








Until next time Toe Toe Toke it up!



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Some great photography & growing skills, keep these updates coming :)


Everything I do is an experiment. I don’t profess to know, I go with what feels. I think I can capture the best images of my gals early light. Although, that dusk flash really shows the crystals.

I look at it like am sun light is zen, pm flash is party time!

For growing, I guess I’m lucky. Pictures of my green thumb are weeks away! 😏 Then we’ll what harvest brings. After all, your weeds not really good until it’s properly cured. That my friend is the true art.


You're clearly a natural then haha