3 Days Of Rain

in #grow
8 months ago

Outdoor growing has its challenges. Late season rain days you hope to keep to a passing shower. It has been raining for 3 days as this front moves across the states. Finally a day to dry out, then another day of rain. Funny how the extended forecast always looks like some nice finishing weather to come, wish it’d get here.




The pinks are really hanging strong on the Gorilla Cookies. She is continuing to pack on the trichomes as we fast approach her last stand.




The Gorilla Passion is also coming along nicely. Also with the continued production of trichomes, you can really start to see them turning milky white. This is starting to give them the frosted bud look!




As she is plumping up the colas are starting to take shape, and a lot of them too. My brother already volunteered to help trim her up so look for the harvest weight contest here soon. It will be including 2 weight winners, wet weight, dry weight.




Harvest Is Coming!

Until next time toe toe Toke it up!


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the pride I have in your grow is likely more than it should be, but it is there.

You have lots of good stuffs..that was great.👍

Here It has been smokey and blocking the sun.

We are getting lots of rain here too.... It is sunny today finally.