2020 Outdoor Growlog [Gorilla Passion In Da Hizouse]

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We Have A Gorilla Passion Sprout


It's nice to see a gal(fingers crossed) pop up. This is a seed from a fellow Smoke.io growers batch of seeds obtained from a Gorilla Glue and Passion Fruit cross.


For temperatures ranging from 68°F-72°F, this sprout is taking off quickly. I am happy to see it pop so early, I've been doing a lot of reading about seed germination and from what I read, it seems cannabis seeds prefer a higher temperature for the magic to happen. I sprout in my basement, and at this time of the year, the basement hangs out around 60°. I experimented with my methods for sprouting this year, I constructed a double boiler type heater / humidifier to keep the relative humidity high and the temps above 72°F.

What I've done is to take a full tray from my sprouting discs(discs removed), and my small tray from last years sprouting discs. I put the small tray inside the larger tray. There is about a 0.5"(12.7mm) gap between the tray bottoms just from naturally stacking them. As you can see in the following pictures, I place my discs, with seeds in them, into the small tray along with a thermometer. Once I have everything in place and my lid slid off to the side over the void of the larger tray, I grab myself a clean jug and fill it with hot water. I will pour the hot water into the larger trays base allowing the water to come into contact with the lower part of the smaller tray.

Take note of the temperature...



In the two previous photos, the water had already cooled. In the next photos, forgive the blurriness as I was taking pictures through the plastic lid, you can witness the temperature increase and the humidity level becomes apparent from the condensation on the lid.



Once my temperature hits 80°F, I close and seal the lid as best as possible. In all, this temperature adjustment process literally raises the temp in minutes. I usually do this when I arrive home from work and also at night before bed. This has been keeping my temps and humidity golden in my opinion.



I can't wait for this seedling to be large enough to clone. I want to get it into my friends tent to see if it is a male or female, before I plant it outside. So far, I have planted 12 seeds and this was the first to show. The first five Snow Whites and the Sunset Sherbert are duds I think, but I will allow them to sit damp to see if as the ambient temps raise the seeds pop. So as a precaution I have planted five more Snow Whites. I really hope at least one is female of the Snow Whites, I am very curious to see the results of her offspring.

That's all I have to share today, thanks for reading. Any thoughts on my germination experiment? Any advice you may have? Drop a line in the comments and remember...

Until next time, Toe Toe Toke it up...


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I am looking forward to seeing how she does outdoors. She has done great indoors and is bushy. I hope she is twice as bushy outside.


I will do my best to grow her into a large carpet of buds. :)

Will be following your progress .

Am anxious how the growing will be ....I´ll be on the lookout about its progress.

It sure is cool when they pop!