2019 Season Outdoor Grow Log #2 [We Got A Sprout]

in #grow
5 months ago

Let Us All Welcome Vanilla Kush #2


After four days of germinating, a Vanilla Kush sprout can be seen. It is the first to poke its neck above the dirt. I'm hoping female!

So far these sprouting discs are not to shabby. As there is only one sprout, not much more to add. Just wanted to celebrate Grow Op 2019's first poker! Stay tuned for them green leaves to show!


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I wish growing was legal here, but the morons governing Quebec are even trying to push back the age limit to 21 instead of 18 and they turned away the proposition the federal suggested of 4 plants per capita... Here I can't even sprout seeds without being illegal and the pipes and bongs have to be concealed, even in the smoke shops! DAMN TOTALITARIAN if you ask me...


How about a stealth PC micro grow?


Close to the border to a canadian province? Perhaps you could grow long distance? 😂