2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #8 [Still Growing]

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3 months ago

Well it’s been some time since I’ve been able to update the community on my grow.

A lot has happened here in Wisconsin weather wise since taking the plants outside. We ended up hitting temperatures in the 30’s (F) with one night dipping to a cool 29.

I had no choice but to bring the plants back inside. So at day 53 my plants wait for day 60 as I think the weather is starting to look up! My plants need the sun, you can see the lack of light energy in the leaves of the JCExtreme NoName. The Vanilla Kush is actually thriving in the conditions I have provided go figure, she likes it just left alone. Never even topped that plant.

Here’s some photos from the last couple weeks...

April 26...

April 29...


Vanilla Kush

That Kush is phenomenal. I can’t wait to get the clones from this beauty.

As long as all is well, and she’s a she, I have the resource to keep this strain going!

I am currently battling pH, as my tap is a high, 7.0-7.5. Great for drinking, bad for nutrient absorption by the roots.

I acquired some pH down to attempt to remedy this, however it has been a long time since chem class. No doubt I’ll get the job done, any advice from you fellow growers is always appreciated.

The funny thing is, it said 1 ml for 10 gallons. Lol, I’ve added like 1.5ml with no affect to 1 gallon. Then I laughed at myself as I read the bottle, no where does it say how much it actually drops the pH by. This is a very important variable as to how much I need to add.

Then to top it off I was looking at my pH kit, the scale only reads down to 6.4, I’d like to see 5.8.

A couple of pointers from my mistakes for you growers learning out there. Look at your pH scale before purchasing, and verify pH up / down affect.

Here’s what I got...

edit: Do Not Use These!
Anyways that is what has been going on in my grow op...

Comments welcome!


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General hydroponics pH down works well. Soil can be forgiving to a point, as to pH. I would stick to products geared toward agricultural practices.
Also, a pH pen is much more accurate than strips or vial testers. You really want your pH on point.
Kudos to you for getting your thumb green. People like you will keep the connoisseur grade cannabis, alive and thriving! Patience and diligence will get you to the finish line. I look forward to watching your progress!
Here are 2 products you may wanna check out.
General Hydroponics pH down 12.50/ltr

Waterproof Pocket pH Tester with 0.1 Resolution - pHep® (HI98107) - Hanna Instruments $39.95


Ph pen and EC pen are a must to me, and a good investment!!!


I will be acquiring a pen...thank you for the advice.

Careful using fish prducts for any consumption. Most can not be used for humans.

I am agree we need some nice weather already.


Thank you for the advice as I have yet to use it, on the plants...


That's good the stuff I use is just phosphoric acid

Have you considered using rain water?


No but that is a great idea.

Looking good - Vanilla Kush sounds tasty :)


I have smoke the parent plant, or a plant from the batch that this seed originated in. I can attest to its potency, taste, and buzz. They were all luxurious.