2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #7 [Let's Get Outside]

4 months ago


2019 Outdoor Season

Grow Log #7

[Let's Get Outside]

Well it has been some time since I gave you all an update on my garden. This isn't for lack of documentation, more like lack of adequate free time to constructively write this post.

I really don't like when I look back at my posts and say...why didn't I add this, how come I didn't show that? So here is what's been happening in the last few weeks...

First of all this is where we left off...


Since that post I have purposely tried to get four tips from my top cut. I did pretty well on 1 of the JCExtreme NoName plants. One seems to only have 3 tips forming. My Vanilla Kush had started to slow in growth as I'm sure the nutrients had been consumed and/or leached out of the seedling blend I used to sprout the plants. I also started to notice some yellowing of the leaves. A lack of nitrogen I figured as the plants had been in the medium for some time now. The seeds hit the soil on 3-10-19 if I remember correctly.

I had also pinched off the stage 3 fan leaves to allow more light to penetrate the lower branching nodes on the JCExtreme NoName plants. The NoName plants were looking a bit funky with all my alterations to their foliage, however I think the plants are strong and healthy and are making a great comeback! I also bent over just one of the NoName plants to see what is the difference in this strain in the event of stress.


As you can see the plants were starting

to wrap roots at the bottom of the pot. I am pretty sure this
was a contributor to the slow growth I was noticing.

With the weather turning out as nice as it has early this year, I decided it was time to transplant and get outdoors!

I needed to prep my containers, usually I put my cannabis into the earth but I want them mobile this year. I purchased five 5 gallon pails at $2.97 USD each. Not to bad in my mind. I also purchased 2 bags of FoxFarms Strawberry Fields soil at $17.99 USD each.

My bucket prep was simple...



The last bucket is a white bucket because I got high and forgot to take a picture of the green bucket when it was finished before I planted in it. Woops.

After I had all the plants transplanted
into their respective buckets I rearranged
the sprouting box to accommodate the
added soil and, bucket mass. Have a peak....


That all happened last week sometime, with the determination that 4-20 was the day I was going outdoors.

I am happy to say I did get to put the garden up, or at least get the plants out there. I also got a net set up over the top of the plants this year to kind of control the height a bit. Right now there are three plants growing. I also will be introducing 2 definite female clones of Snow White to the garden soon! Let me show you my crude grow...


The Tidy Cat buckets are tomatoes. I plan on using them as a cover of sorts. They looked really good until I took them outside. I think I took them out too early. On the other hand my cannabis looks fabulous now! Check out the Vanilla Kush!


I'm excited for this season. I really think there will be some nice learning curves discovered as like I said I usually plant directly into the earth. I'm sure I will have to do some extra nutrient watching to ensure the plants grow to their potential.

I also think I am going to sacrifice some yield due to going about it this method. By that I mean confining the plant roots to the area of the bucket. I think I may run into some root binding. I will be very surprised if I repeat the 8 ounce plant.

So I walked out this afternoon and snapped a photo of the top node of one of the JCExtreme NoName plants. There is some sex organ starting to produce itself however I have personally never seen it this early. Here are a couple pics...

Copy of IMG_2279.jpgCopy of IMG_2285.jpg

I think male with the multiple dots but still to early for me to be sure. Anyone ever see it this early?

Well, that is what has been happening in the big Wisco garden. Until next time Toe Toe Toke it up!



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Kitty cat. My cats love cannabis plants. They have only been exposed once and they went fucking nuts, started eating the fan leaves.

The plants look so amazing.. im planning one too

Males will always show signs of sex first. Tuff call

Nice setup dude! Loads of great effort, but is it just me or looks like these pots are going to let loads of light on to the roots and that is a big problem. Maybe try to wrap them up with aluminium tape or something reflective to reduce the heat in the pots. Keep up the good work!


You know I never put a thought to that! Thanks for the input. I can totally see how the buckets may allow light to penetrate the outer walls and make luminous contact with the very outer roots. Maybe I’ll wrap them in some black garbage bags to deter the translucency of the plastic.


If your summers get really hot that would be a poor choice as black would attract sun and heat up the root zone. Usually, pots are covered with hay or some other grass to protect them from the heat of the sun. You will think of something.


Hay may be an option. Stay tuned!



I guess I could have added that excerpt to my post. I am using my existing vegetable garden. The white fencing in the back was existing for my cucumbers to climb. The posts in the front of the garden are just fencing to keep out larger rodents. I used a prefabricated rope trellis and just stretched it amongst the wooden stakes and the fencing. It seemed logical. I can’t get to obvious as it is frowned upon here!



There's nothing wrong with the Tidy Cat containers as I'm sure they'll help produce some dank tomatoes:) How is the Vanilla Kush? I've never had it?


Vanilla Kush is very impressive. You can see a review of the exact strain in one of my previous posts Vanilla Kush Review. I really enjoyed smoking on it! The buds were very tight and dense. Definitely one for your bucket list!

Nice one men, love the scrog set up, you will end up with a serious canopy what is it? 4 square meters?


It’s probably 2x4 sq meters. Not really big enough but I can add on!