2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #4 [2 Week Check-Up]

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3 months ago


Well let me first apologize for posting this log multiple times. I have been working through a very unusual problem trying to make this post up to Smoke.... Thinking this is due to a conundrum of some colossal mistake within my post, I will attempt not only to repost it in it's entirety, I will also re-type the damn thing with no HTML, No Links, and No Hash.
Without further ado. It has been 14 orbits since I planted my seeds. As of the writing of this post I have sprouted 3 plants. 1 Vanilla Kush, and 2 JCExtreme NoName.


I have the sprouts at 18/6 for lighting. The temp is 68 degrees constant. My moisture content is being well maintained. I ran in to 2 issues this time around, really due to my stupidity.



I violated both of these this season. First the wooden stakes, what happens to organic matter when it is continually damp. That's right it creates mold. I noticed a bit of mold on the base of some of the stakes, shit, yanked them fuggers right out. Second the paper pots. Well that was dumb. I went down to check on my box after work and noticed on the outside of the pot, where it has been damp since 14 days ago was also starting to show signs of mold. I carefully removed all 3 pots and transplanted into a new dry pot until I can get out to get a NON-ORGANIC pot. If I were planning on growing this crop entirely in the box I'd be starting over, sanitizing and sterilizing. However I am not, I just need these girls to make er to mid to late April. Then outside we go.
Anyhoo, here are some shots of the Vanilla Kush.


Here are some shots of JCExtreme NoName # 1.


Here are some of JCExtreme NoName # 2. By far my best looking plant.


This is what the setup looks like:


This is what the beauties see every day, 3 suns!


Thanks for checking it out!

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Good to see your tech problems with the post are solved, what was the problem?looking forward to your grow updates!!!


Still not sure. Had to be something in the html or links. The only html I used was the center tag. Seems a bit screwy still. I can post though so it had to be my fuck up.

Nice start, glad you caught that early so it didn't mess them up.


Like I said, if I was growing indoors, i’d Have to start over. Thankfully yes I found them at the earliest possible though. Let’s hope it doesn’t screw up my soil.

Nice to see the post post worked 😀

Nice to think out door season is almost upon us

Yha!!!!! The Post went through! I'll burn one to that!!!!

I like all your pictures, look good