2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #3 [On With The Lights Already]

3 months ago


2019 Season

#Outdoor Grow Log

Log # 3

[On With The Lights Already]

Well it has been a few days and a lot has been happening in the grow room. We've got more #sprouts! Now, not only do I have the 1 Vanilla Kush, I have also had the pleasure to see 2 of the JC Extreme NoName seedlings pop.


I love the peach fuzz on the pod busters.



Here is the second JCExtreme NoName stretching to #life!


As you can see I have transplanted the girl's sprouting discs into some seedling grow mixture.


I'm still #waiting for these to show up to the party! I even #smoke with them every night!


The least I can say is that I am super excited for this season. Although the Vanilla Kush is looking a bit lengthy, I think she'll pull through just fine. In the case of some unforeseen disaster however, I have 2 female Snow White clones just waiting for me!

Until the next log file...
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i prefere outdoors above indoors , looks very promising !


In my mind it is more natural. 🧐


off course haha

Nice Photography!


Thank you. All my photos have been with an iPhone 10xs max. Great phone camera.

Nice pics of seedlings.