2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #17 [Annihilation To Far]

10 months ago

Hello again smokers...

The other day I sprayed down the plants with a homemade pest killer preventitive. Unfortunately, I made the shit just too stong. My Kush plant did not fair well with the reaction. I have to wonder if it’s the olive oil I used in lue of having vegtable oil, too much cayenne, or just left it sit on the plants too long.

I know I made this last year and didn’t have any issues. It could be a strain thing, but I am seeing a bit of burning on all my plants. None of them even close to the damage that the Kush has sustained. Although the plant has sustained such extensive damage, I can still see new growth at the bud locations. This is a good sign that I haven’t killed her, but no doubt, stressed her bad enough to affect my harvest.

So as it goes, the Kush plant has turned into a ‘See how resilient this plant is’ grow log. Here are some pictures of the Kush. Also I included some photos of the other gals. You can see, all of the plants exhibit some rusting/burning. Let my mistake be your savior.





You can see we are still producing leaf! She’s not dead!








Stay tunes to see the results. I also went out this morning and drenched the plants in water to wash off any remaining component that is continuously contributing to the burn. Luckily it’s overcast today, so I was able to completed rinse the leaves as well!

Until next time tokers...Toe Toe Toke it up...



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Perhaps this will slightly affect the growth of buds, I also had the sad experience of fighting worms in the soil, but still the crop is good. I can only advise you not to feed the plant with fertilizers for two weeks, to water with clean water with neutral ph. Good luck bro.


I’m going to baby her like a fresh cut clone! I went out ant pinched off all of the leaf that showed any signs of heavy damage. This will allow her to focus on growth, not saving half dead leaves.

She’s looking poor and and sad, like a street girl in the red light district strung out on H. I know I can pull her through!