2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #16 [Day After Annihilation]

11 months ago

Hello again smokers...

Last night I prepared and administered my homemade pepper spray / plant wash. This is the follow up post.

For those of you that want to know the results of the wash. It was a success. Early early this morning around 4:45 AM, I rinsed the hell out of the crop by the dim last remaining moon light that was transitioning to the deep to light blue dawn.

Using my garden hose on a pretty good stream, and then pulling the old plug the end with my finger to establish that all sought after water pressure, I sprayed the crop down trying to rinse everything from top to bottom. I mean I sprayed and sprayed. I could see the suds accumulating on the top of the garden soil.

Then the wait began, off to work. Will it be to harsh for my plants? Did I rinse it well enough? Did the water dry up before the treacherous sun beams violently burst into isolated spectrums magnified within the droplets burning my precious beauties? All the unknowns to ponder.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see once I returned home, that only a few of my leaves were completely burnt. Some had some scorching but I believe that to be due to my solution not the sun. I used a heavy dose, drastic infestations require drastic measures. It appears that I did this just in time as I looked through my crop tonight it is really starting to develop the initial buds.

The good news is I only found 3 Aphids during my entire search! To top it off, 2 were already dead! I call this a success. Now before I start to see an issue arise I can mix a light solution without the Dawn and spray for prevention.

The wash damage appears as rusty leaves. It is most noticeable in the areas of leaf that previously had been turned white from the infestation. The nice thing is, most of my foliage that is present today, will be trimmed come harvest. This means my buds should remain uncontaminated!

Also, to note and be completely transparent, my Vanilla Kush seemed to bear a heavier affect from the spray. If I have to do a complete wash to this strain again, I’ll cut everything in half, replacing the omitted with water.









Until next time tokers, Toe Toe Toke it up!



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ok, so it was a success but does that mean your good? like do you have to keep doing it...and you said the vanilla kush, you'll do it again and cut it in half. How could you tell it was too much. I'm so confused, and wow! there's alot that goes into growing.


I will use the solution as a preventive measure, but yes as of now I am good!

If I have to do a complete wash on a Vanilla Kush again in the future, then I will cut it in half. As for how I know it’s to strong? The leaves took a greater impact than any of the other plants


i seeeeeee. Wow. Seems like such a science and it is.

Great work and tips bro! I can't wait to see your garden in full bloom! You should have a nice yield. Thanks for sharing:D