2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #10 [Pulling A Male-What To Look For]

last year


Nothing more disgusting for a father of some gals than some dicks in the bush. Nothing good can come from it. Who do you think you are? Trying to ruin my trees? Sneaky little bugger.

It appears as though one of the JCExtreme NoNames has shown its hidden secret under the skirt. Bummer. This is why I NEVER put all my efforts into just one darling. Unless its a known clone...There was five now there is four, two of which are of the later, clones of a known Snow White female.

I still have my fingers crossed that the last JCExtreme and the Vanilla Kush, sown from seed, are females!

Let's take a look at this male I found. This may help some of the newer growers that have no idea what they are looking for. Basically, does it have balls? Lol...Pretty easy.


From this view, a trained eye can tell you to look closely at this cannabis plant. It is way too early to be showing signs of budding. Although it sure looks pretty dense at the base of the nodes. I guarantee this is no bud. Also I am not referring to the little leaves that are accompanying the nuts.


Here's a bit of a different view, in this angle I think you can see the density a bit better. This is not good, unless you are collecting pollen, and or cross pollinating your crop along with your neighbors as well.

Nuts? What Nuts?What the heck are you all talking about?

Here is what we are referring to. The nuts!

Copy of IMG_2712.jpg

This is unmistakable, the balls will open up into
a 5 pointed star looking flower containing multiple
hairs covered in yellow pollen. Once the flowers
have opened, it is too late, the potential pollination has occurred.



Here is another couple photos to look at. The nuts are clearly visible in these pictures, however they could easily be mistaken for females calyxes.(The hair producing bullet shaped growths only females produce)

Copy of male_ind1.jpg


I cant stress enough, the importance to pull the
dicks out of your garden
. "What is the big deal?"
You ask. "Just a couple of seeds?"

No, there is more to it than just getting seeds in your
cannabis flowers. All the good stuff gets used
up by the cannabis plant to produce the
seed. This means a drastic loss of potency, and yield.


So where does this leave my grow for the season? I think I'm still going to be ok...


Still have my Snow Whites.


One of the JCExtremeNoNames.


The other Snow White.


Of course I still have the Vanilla Kush Too!


My garden still looks and smells wonderful!
Until next time: Toe, Toe, Toke it up...



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Excellent set of strains to pass the long winter evenings

Darn right. Go 💯% sexist mode and eliminate all those males. 👌

Excellent work for you. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful content among us.
You are very fortunate and you will soon get a nice quality marijuana.
A pleasant sight has emerged because of your flowers on your marijuana plant. I think that because of this plan you are able to create good quality marijuana..
This is a natural scene really an amazing content that is shared among us.

It looks great I wish I could smell it! It's too bad about the boys but I guess that's life.


That’s why I always do more than 1.

I hope your girls are safe from those little freaking buggy dicks :D


Caught early! Got to keep your eyes on the flock!

Gotta watch for those hermies too nothing worse then missing that one of the branches turned hermie and screw everything up.



Some great pics he took!

Nice nuts!

I really liked the article, photos .. Top class.

Looking great, mate. Very good images to help how to identify a male, re-smoking it!!!

Nice closeups man, and important info!

You got some nice, healthy looking plants there, good job!


Thanks! The two Snow Whites I can thank a buddy for their excellent health! He is a true green thumb to the extent. He’s not so active here on Smoke but he is here and reads a lot, you know who you are! I’ll take credit on the Kush though, that’s all me!

I should have enough this fall to roll one of your introductory post type joints! Lol, where am I getting paper? I have access to a plotter so I’m thinking that’s the way to go. Plot a 4 foot blank page? Lol


Your friend should join(t) the party ;) we need some green thumbs here!

You should absolutly have enough for such a join, but man unless you have like 15 "Chich and Chong" style buddies i would deem it a waste of perfectly good bud.

Unless...you go for the record my man...4.21 pounds and you got yourself a place in history ;)

You just need to beat this guy:

Interesting fact that i didnt know, a smoke is called a "joint" when its content are 100% pure weed - it must be pure weed...on the other hand a "blunt" can contain tobacco as well as weed...

So Perhaps the real challenge is really a joint, as anybody can put like 10 block of some rolling tobacco, sprinkle it with some OG Kush and call it a day :)

Oh yeah a plotter is probably a way to go LOL (cant believe i am discussing plotter size rolling paper again...Déjà vu :)

Though now days you have some quite big rolling paper out there (I think the biggest one i have seen is 12"), a pack of those and you got your self a winner :)

Prepare a glass of water though, there gonna be a lot of licking action, lol

  ·  last year

Very useful info for newer growers..thanks.

Are you growing from regulars?


Yes these were seeds from last years crop. Out of the 1/2 lb I found 5 seeds.

If I bought a nice pack of regulars of for example Oni Seed Co or Cannarado then I can assure you I will be producing seeds from that. Just for the sake of preserving the strain and producing seeds is a really cool thing to do.


Cross pollination does not preserve the strain. Cross pollination will lead to a different variety of the parents. With the offspring inheriting different traits of the parent strains. Unless you had a male and a female of the same strain(in my case). However, I have 2 100% genetic Snow Whites which I do not care to contaminate. Also a nice looking Vanilla Kush, I’d like to keep their traits strong. I am not even sure what the genetics of the JC’s really is, just that it’s a more sativa leaning strain.

Wow, it's nice planting.