2019 Outdoor Season - Grow Log #1 [Let's Get Growing]

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5 months ago


March Is Upon Us Outdoor Growers

It is that time again for me up here in Wisco to start readying the grow for the season. With March comes the first rain, and hopefully a heavy thaw. Usually I put my seeds in the dirt come May, then come June, hope they are all beautiful little ladies. With the introduction, to a now acquaintance, I have the means to pop my seeds indoors, clone, and introduce each strain into 12 / 12 before having to plant them outside.

This will allow me to weed out the dicks prior to transplanting outdoors. It will also give me the opportunity to get a crop to complete a growing cycle by giving it the two month head start vegging. I always seem to come up just a bit shy growing it from seed, sprouting it outdoors. Don't take it the wrong way, I get yield, the buds are just a bit underdone. Last year I managed to harvest 1/2 lb (8 oz) from one plant using some LST methods. However, the frost hit 2 weeks early. Instead of sending a marker flag to the neighbors by covering the 6 ft plant up, I chose to snag her early. Having to trim it all up by myself also helped me make that decision.

I plan on documenting this Northern Zone outdoor grow extensively and exclusively here on SMOKE. Any techniques you see me doing you disagree with please speak up. After all. 1+1=4 until one knows it is really 2.

So what are we attempting to germinate this season? Here is the line up:

1. Vanilla Kush

I have acquired 2 Vanilla Kush seeds from an acquaintance. I really hope at least one of these seeds germinates feminine. I did a review on this strain awhile back that can be seen here [Vanilla Kush Review]. The seeds actually came from the same batch I reviewed. Black Market Bag Seed

2. Cinderella 99

Also a strain I reviewed, which can be seen here, [C99]. I personally pulled a seed from a C99 bud. I was ecstatic that day let me tell ya. Fingers crossed the seeds a she. This bag was also bought through the black market.

3. JCExtreme NoName

Got to call it something, the genetics of this seed are a mystery. I am the grower of the mother plant, although she was produced with a random "good" seed from my cousin. These 3 seeds are from my crop last year. All from the same plant, to which I have no idea what strain it is, I just know the cannabis was awesome! For that, I will grow it again, and we will call it the JCExtreme NoName.

4. X1

Another seed from an unknown strain given to me by my cousin. All he smoked was good grass, but at that time in Wisco, good grass could have been your common BC Bud. You know, the little dense nuggets that were very prevalent in the early 000's. As I haven't grown this seed yet, your guess is as good as mine.

I'm really looking forward to this years grow with the threat of legalization on the horizon, I don't think I will need to be so nervous about growing. There is so much to worry about growing outdoors behind enemy lines. Is the neighbor going to see? Will the powerline man get coy? Will the hoods from down the block get chased into my grow spot by the cops? So many unknowns and uncontrolled circumstances, it produces paranoia. I remember the ol lady taking a photo not even thinking, with the 5 ft plant in the background. Damn, its a sweat of a good time growing out doors!

I purchased some germination discs for this sprout. First time I've used such a thing. I chose to put the seed directly into the peat mixture. The disc come pressed, you add warm water and they puff right up. The peat is all contained inside of a mesh so that is very helpful! Check it out...




Stay tuned for updates on the process and progress of this years grow.


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Good luck and looking forward to the multiple updates!


Thank you. I hope to share a successful harvest!

All setup, congrats man good luck in that season. Keep bringing the updates please

also look forward to your updates.

Great, I love outdoor plants Cinderella 99 is a classic.Cant wait to see them grow

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