1/2 LB Greenery Follow Up

7 months ago

1/2 LB Greenery Cured


This is a quick follow up from my last post of the most recent misses as there was some question as to if I was still smokin' on it. @indica

These fine morsels are not huge, but are laden with goodness. There is nothing like #fresh fresh fresh smoke. (minus that stray cat hair there! lol) Plus, you don't need to worry about the fools dropping rat poison in your goods. Anyhow, I trimmed and #cured this plant using 2 different methods which I will go into in another post. The resulting buds were very different yet, the same. So yep, #still-puffin' on them. Though I will say I am getting down to my last couple zippers. Here's some more of my self made bud porn....

These are some pictures of the buds cured up and delightful to smoke...





Can't forget about my #Dragon....!


Finally tried some tonight! Burns like a sun bit...but tastes like a nug fart....Awesome shiz…..


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Buds look much better when zoomed in ..looks like an outdoor batch.

What is that on the last oicture?


Homemade green dragon. Made with a bit o shine.


Does green dragon work?


When I have the chance to fully try my dragon I will definitely report on it. I have only taken about an eye drops worth of the tincture. I didn’t die. It burns like hell but the tastes so much like nug your salivas cool you down.

Stay tuned for the review...

1/2 LB? Damn, that'd last me forever.. hows it smoke? Know the strain?


I had 8 mason jars loaded with an ounce a piece. Not including the little bits I had spread around. I ended up paying my bro 1 jar for helping trim it up. I’ve kicked a few friends in need a bit here and there. I only smoke a really little bit, problem is I do it a lot.
The strain is unknown beside the fact it definitely came out of some black market nug. (All we smoke)
It’s sort of easy smoking, not too harsh, quality smoke, the bud has truly a fruity pineapply smell . It’s cured decent so it burns up expectedly. Seems to build resin quickly. All in all, the taste and smell of the smoke could be a bit nicer, but my bro said people preferred my creation over the local fare. Probably because it was new, different, or in his friends view, free. (Smokin his shiz)

lmao nug fart that is funny, I call my tincture Nugnut cause it is like a nug nutted in your mouth. The shit stoners say when they are stoned....


Being a guy...well that just doesn’t seem like the thing to say! 😜🤪


I am a chick so I guess I can get away with it