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7 months ago


These are some photos from a plant I grew this past season.


I planted 6 seeds and of the six I got 1 nice lady. I trained the plant and nipped the tips to keep the buds tiny but plentiful. All the branches you see are from 1 extremely wide trunk.

Toward the end of the season last year we went into a rainy spell. Fearing mold, Frost and troublesome drying I pulled the misses about 2 weeks early on the night before a heavy frost was forecast.

I even got my shiz together and bought a macro lens to see the tricombs.



Even pulling this 2 weeks early, I was happily surprised to see I still came away with just over 8 ounces. (cured)


I could only imagine how much more I’d have yielded had the misses been able to ferment a couple more weeks. Mostly, think I would have gained more actual bud structure. As the high is very impressive. It’s heady because I pulled it early, but if you smoke to much you pass out. Even sitting up.....lol


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Anyways, the yield looks solid and fresh. Nice trim work.

If the pictures are uploading sideways, try to edit them, just rotate and rotate back and save. This should help.


Thanks for the photo advice

Nice harvest, last you long? :D


Still puffing.