Grow Update - Week 6 Flowering

8 months ago

Greetings everyone!

Less than a month till first plants finish and things are looking good. Buds are still fattening and the resin is all over the place. Daily activities are still the same: watering and removing the unnecessary junk. This is probably the most boring stage in growing. In the next couple of weeks, things will get more interesting as new harvest season starts, till then enjoy #nugporn.

Bit of burnt tips and bit of a wind burn. Other than that I'm happy with all six #strains. OK, Bubba is just funny. Miniature buds but sugar leaves full of resin.

Irrigation And Nutrients:

Still drinking every three days. Actually, they had one long dry period caused by my afterparty laziness. That being fixed. EC 1.9 - 2.1, pH: 6.0 - 6.3

Nutrients and additives used:

Plant Magic Bio Silicon - stems and leaves strengthener
Canna CalMag Agent - soft water buffer
Mammoth P - nutrient liberator
Plagron Green Sensation - additive, booster
General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar - fulvic acid
General Organics Diamond Black - humic acid
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur - basic bloom nutrient
Plagron Sugar Royal - additive, enhancer
Atami Bloombastic – PK booster

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay Smoked

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Id love to see a grower post pictures of the Colas along side the dried herb at the end of the grow. As someone who doesnt grow, I dont get to see the differences there


What do you mean? Like naked colas still in a shape of a plant? I did something like that, just out of curiosity, but I don't remember taking any photos.

My bubba looks the same! So it is a genetic flaw of that batch in the end. Bastards. The plants are looking beautiful dude! Cannot wait to see weeks 7,8 and 9! When are they finishing?f


Allegedly, HSO sent unstabilized seeds as promo packs by accident. I still have 5 or 6, not sure what to do with them. Might everything end up in butter/oil...


Yeah dude, hell of a promotion! Best give them to your parrot, or chuck them outdoor in the spring...

Nice one is good to hear that you will soon harvest a part of those plants


Bubba's Gift is supposed to be the first, but I don't expect much of her... Critical is only a week after.


OK, that's great

Flowers really starting to look good there! I bet they smell wonderful


After only a brief touch, hand smells like bud an hour or so... Yesterday afternoon I was at the shopping centre when realized my hands still reeks of fresh buds xD

Pretty lookin babies.

It might be the most boring but it is definitely one of the most photogenic parts of grow. Look at them.


Can't not agree with you xD
Timelapse... Timelapse is what we need...


That would be awesome ... I can already imagine them like ...muwuwhu..moving and growing...

Oh yea that is looking real nice!


Thank you!

That's what I'm talking about, beautiful luscious flowering plants!


Thank you!

I bet the smell of those beauties fills the air when you open the tent up. Looking awesome mate, bong on bro. :-)


Oh yeah, carbon filter is a fuckin saviour... Bong on!