Grow Update: Week 3 - New Member in The Pack

7 months ago

Greetings everyone!

As you can see the small pack is not so small anymore. Three first-seeded are pushing hard and setting the bar high for others to follow.

It may become crowded

Honey B and Critical were re-potted and soon they will be on the full feeding regime as they still can live on food provided in the soil. Choc Mint, Wedding Cake and Lemon Haze have got base nutrient for the first time, half of the recommended dose. In the next few days, some LST will be done too.

They are still under 250w MH light. I'll swap it with 250w HPS one week before switching to flower after which 400w then 600w will be mounted. Reason for it is, I want to try to replicate nature as much as possible.

Chocolate Mint OG and Wedding Cake

Lemon Haze and Honey B

Bubba's Gift and Critical

Yesterday I got a new plant to look after. A friend got too many plants germinated and gave me one of his Bubba's Gifts. She is just a few days older than Honey B, but she was left one-week longer in the small, one-litre pot. Now in a 2-gallon regular pot and will represent another platform for experimenting and comparing.

And so I ended up with six plants. It's going to be quite challenging as I never had so many different #strains in one off, but it is what it is.

Irrigation And Nutrients:

Irrigated once with total 20 l water with ~10% runoff.
pH: 6.0 - 6.3

Nutrients and additives used:

Mills Vitalize - plant vigour promoter
Canna CalMag Agent - soft water buffer
Plagron Pure Zym - additive, enhancer
Plagron Power Roots - additive, stimulator
General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar - fulvic acid
General Organics Diamond Black - humic acid
Mammoth P - nutrient liberator
Plagron Terra Grow – basic growing nutrient

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay Smoked

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These little ladies are growing up so fast! Hey great post, looking forward to following the journey, best of luck with the grow!


Thank you! I'll keep you posted guys...

This is exactly the kind of posts that deserve a 100% upvote and what SMOKE.IO is all about.
The small pack (well, its six now, so not so small) is looking great....great addition with the Bubba's Gifts.
Pictures are great and good quality and i like that you post the Irrigation And Nutrients.
Articles like this give a pleasure to read and comment.
Good job @realkiki85 💚


It's a pleasure to give a pleasure haha

Thank you!

Beautiful babies, Mint Chocolate OG is interesting


Thank you!

Yeah, after I've read Choc Mint specs I was like Fuck, I want that in my tent...

The plants look really healthy. I'm curious are those fabric pots and did you make them yourself?

Btw are you planning on turning all of these into mothers are are you gonna put them straight into flowering after veg? I'm planning on making mothers from the seeds I ordered online and making clones from the mothers and then using those clones in my flowering tent or I might let them grow outside and put them in a tent at night for the 12 hours darkness since none of the seeds I ordered are autos.

Nice work!


Yeah, those are fabric pots. I buy them in my local grow shop and replace them after 2 - 3 grows. They're completely organic and biodegradable.

All my plants are going into flowering as I don't have the spare room to keep mother and getting new seeds is not a big deal. And growing same strain(s) over and over becomes boring.


Interesting. I like your pots. I wanna try making my own fabric pots. Do you mind sending me a link to the website for those biogradable pots?
Thanks. Nice grow!

Something you can try that some people do over here by my country:

  1. Buy two or three seeds, make a mother or two.
  2. Make clones. Hand out to friends.
  3. Take your clone and put it into flowering or make another mother.

We all repeat the above three steps and that way we have access to way more genetics. You need space to do it though.


Here's the website, hope you'll find what you're looking for.

Thanks for the tips, but I'm really not interested in big scale cloning as long as I don't have proper room. I have more than 50 quality seeds in my bank and easy access to almost all new strains so I'm pretty much sorted out. xD


Wow that is quite the collection. I missed out on attitude seed's big Christmas promo, had lots of freebies. I'm also trying to build up a big collection over 2019. Would be cool if you could write a post showing off your collection. Thanks for the link!


Well, working in the cannabis industry has its benefits haha
That collection is changing with evevry new grow so it's not a big deal at the moment, I could make a post every few months. Maybe, I don't know...