Grow Update: Week 2 - Transplanting

7 months ago

Greetings everyone!

Earlier last week, three first seeded plants were moved to bigger 5-gallon pots. Selection of fungi, booster and bat guano in a soil should provide enough for roots to stretch deep down. Now, they are ready for a 3-4 week long vegetation period.

More root = more fruit


Digging a same-sized pot in the soil in a new pot makes things much easier. Then just take out a small pot and replace it with the plant. Press it in to fit perfectly but be careful, don't damage the roots. Then just top up with the desired amount of soil.

Clockwise: Chocolate Mint OG, Wedding Cake, Honey B, Critical (in propagator) and Lemon Haze

Third-seeded Critical germinated so now I have grow with five different #strains. She is in a 2-gallon pot instead of 5-gallon and will serve as a platform for learning new things and experimenting in general.

Irrigation And Nutrients:

Irrigated once after transplanting. Total water consumption: 5 l with no runoff.
pH: 6.2

Nutrients and additives used:

Mills Vitalize - plant vigour promoter
Canna CalMag Agent - soft water buffer
Plagron Pure Zym - additive, enhancer
Plagron Power Roots - additive, stimulator
General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar - fulvic acid
General Organics Diamond Black - humic acid
Mammoth P - nutrient liberator

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to upsmoke, comment, follow and resmoke.

Stay Smoked

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you must have taken agriculture on cannabis as a subject back in school lol
You can make a great farmer what you lack is ample fields for vegetation you would have grown 1 acres of marijuana lol


Haha not really, just looking what other people do and then redoing it. Speaking of fields, I have an idea of having a small self-sufficient ranch with selected plants and animals as a retirement plan but we'll see...


thats when old ages knocks on the door but having a farm out of the noisy streets is such a lovely idea for retirement

Motivating Cannabis farmers @realkiki85 great work

Great idea to use that empty pot to put an indention in the soil for your root ball!


Made the whole process much easier and quicker. It literrary takes a couple of minutes.

I wish you success. :-) Good smoke and a nice evening.
Greetings from Germany