Grow Update - Flowering Week 1 - Welcome To The Jungle

5 months ago

Greetings everyone!

It's been a while since my last #update. Last few vegging weeks brought vigorous growth and significantly stronger stems. Plants didn't stretch too much, just a bit of LST was needed.

Middle: Chocolate Mint OG, bottom: Honey B

Honey B was lacking some nutrients and felt a bit sick, but yellow leaves are turning back to green and the overall plant looks very good. Top cola was LSTed to reduce the height. Choc Mint remained shorter and bushier and no intervention was needed.

Middle: Lemon Haze, bottom: Wedding Cake

Lemon Haze and Wedding Cake are the biggest and throwing everything else in shadow. They were LST'd at the earlier stage and later again to keep canopy even.

Critical and Bubba's Gift

Bastard children, Critical and Bubba's Gift, live on borderline and collecting last rays of light. Bubba's Gifts' branches are trimmed so only top bud sites will yield.

So last week the transition to #flowering started. I wanted to do it as natural as possible so, over a week, nights were becoming longer by 45 minutes every night until 18/6 has changed to 12/12 schedule. Not sure did it make any benefits but didn't hurt them definitely.

Irrigation And Nutrients:

At this point, plants drink ~15 liters of water 2 - 3 times per week.
pH: 6.0 - 6.3

Nutrients and additives used:

Mills Vitalize - plant vigour promoter
Canna CalMag Agent - soft water buffer
Mammoth P - nutrient liberator
Plagron Pure Zym - additive, enhancer
Plagron Power Roots - additive, stimulator
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur – basic bloom nutrient
General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar - fulvic acid
General Organics Diamond Black - humic acid
Plagron Sugar Royal - additive, enhancer

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay Smoked


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That is a lot of nutrients, looks like you are covering all aspects. Just my layman thought.


I don't use full recommended dose. That way I keep balance.


Yeah, I'd say you'd burn em if go by the panel. Besides, companies want to ride their sales by advising to spend more. Notice how toothpaste commercials put on brush so much paste or they always give two bubblegums.


But always only one Tic-Tac...


This is how I roll dude:-)

Looking good, that chocolate mint og sounds tasty :) I've grown chocolate mint before - the mint herb not the cannabis - the smell and taste was mint chocolate - like peppermint patties.


Damn. I want to grow my own After Eights too. :D


that chocolate mint og sounds tasty

Ikr, can't wait to try the alavour...

the list of nutrients all sound like sound investments used in conservative quantities to last a while. what a good looking plant, i think i missed a few in between posts on this progress. Next will probably be those big flowers!
Man, if i gonna grow i gotta read up a lotta science on nutrients and more .... so anyway that's top news as seems to be the place for it!


I took a break from writing last few weeks, will be back to weekly updates.

Man, if i gonna grow i gotta read up a lotta science on nutrients and more

Nah... Just like everything in life, it's more important to keep on learning... All knowledge you get today is outdated in five years of time...

Cool grow, keep us posted with its progress 👍


Sure, will do!!

Pretty healthy cultivation. Working to make the planet greener again :D. Actually it should be promoted by the govts, instead they are taking the opposite direction.


Just like in a old times... Every household has small garden and grow whatever's needed...

They are looking soooo healthy, very curious about your experiment switching from 18 to 12 progressively, I will try that one someday as it does make a lot of sense. I know of new light systems that switch on and off gradually every day, shouldn't be too hard to make a controller that imitates nature?


I'm using analog timer. too lazy to bother programming digital stuff...

so, over a week, nights were becoming longer by 45 minutes every night until 18/6 has changed to 12/12

Have always thought of doing this but too lazy to reprogram the timer everyday for a week lol.


I use analog timer. Only had to switch three notches daily...

That tent is stuffed to the max, Looking nice tho that is for sure


I think I could squeeze one more plant inside, but that would be too many...

Its amazing....looks like you have a real green thumb!


It wasn't always like that... Learning is a proccess...

That's a nice looking cannabis forest you have going on there, The pictures look great, especially the first one, thanks for the update. Bong on bro. :-)


Thank you! When you put your head under a canopy, it really seems like in forest haha

Looks great buddy. Ich hiffe das sie genügend belüfrung haben. Da sie gegen ende diese brauchen werden. ;)


Danke! Ziemlich ja. Ich bin mit Auspuff ausgestattet, die Temperatur steigt nicht über 27 * C.

Lookin beautifull dude! Whats up with that dwarfy plant on the bottom right? Looks like she is falling well behind - poor little bastard. Maybe give her a boost?


Yeah, the retarded sister haha I'm afraid she'll stay small. She'll get the stand to reach some light.