My Planting Process In Progress

3 months ago


Hi! fellow smokers, hope we all are having a high time here :)

Today i went to my cousin house to get some stuff which ran out of my stocks and mainly the seeds. The plan of having my own plant and the whole credit goes to and it's wonderful people out here.


I was a stoner in the past and thanks to this platform i am going to be a cannabis planter(Is it the correct word? :P)


The plant has some white kind of thing on the leaves which doesn't look too good. I am doing some research on it too on how to get rid of this. In addition your suggestion would be much appreciated.


Now the plant which my friend own's, some got five leaves and some seven and some even six as well. I had heard and seen it as well before too and as i don't have the planting experience much, i am not sure whether it is the normal case. (I will appreciate your valuable suggestions on this too :))

Google gave on this part too haha!


This the seven plant seeds which i've got and hopefully i will be raising getting good results.


I have started to clear out the rough garden of mine and i hope i can post more on this in my upcoming post.

Well the process is on!

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Thank you and keep smoking!

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Yea.. it's a good idea :)

Six leaves it can be a mutation, if all the leaves are. Perhaps this is stressful. Perhaps this plant is male if some leaves have an even number of fingers (4 or 6)


Thanks for the suggestion mate.. If it is odd numbers then? ..


Odd is the norm, unless of course the plant does not have all the leaves with three fingers, once I raised a LowRyder and it had all the triple leaves.

I personally don’t put any weight into how many tines the fan leaves produce. I’ve seen both male and female plants experience numerous different quantities of tines. As the plant gets closer to flower and into the flowering stages, you will surely notice more sporadic leaf production, with the tine quantities declining.

As to the number of tines, I still remember in my youth believing the myth female plants had 7 or more tines and males had less. Then I started growing, I personally have seen a male plant with 11 tines. It looked like a crazy umbrella tree. Still the only sure fire way to tell is does it have balls or does she have hair?

I might be off on the diagnosis of your discoloration in the foliage. To me it looks like it’s lacking nitrogen. You could try to spread some high quality compost around the garden, or introduce a bit of worm castings.

The reason I think I’m a bit off diagnosis is because it appears your gal is flowering, this could be a lack of phosphorus as well.


Yes, you are right.. i had noticed the reducing leaves in the flowering stages.

Thanks man.. perhaps some good manure and fertilizer will do the trick :)

Good bush