The girls are looking fantastic

in #grow
8 months ago

Larry OG Kush on day 46 of veg

She's looking real bushy, I'm real happy with her. She smells fantastic too.

Jet Fuel Gelato

Her 4 main shoots are really strong and really long. Hoping she fills in more in the empty spaces.

MAC & Cheese #2

This is the more indica looking pheno. It's really bushing out strong, just loving the growth on this plant.

MAC & Cheese #1

This one looks a bit more sativa than it's sister. It's really filling out nicely, but it's growth is a bit slower than the others.

They are still quite short, which isn't a problem, I'm just trying to fill the space horizontally.

I think they will fill out the space in short order. Planning to scrog soon-ish.

Larry OG's stem is really coming along nicely

My center fan that's pointed up at the light was on max and flowing too hard on the leaves. It caused some wind damage, but I've made adjustments.

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Good looking, nice job...

Nicely grown @rawpride!
smoke on!