The Fire OG's are looking up a bit and I got some big roots poking up

in #grow
8 months ago

I'm not sure what caused the drooping to begin with, or what is causing them to perk up now, but I really haven't done anything or changed anything. It's definitely a bit confusing for me right now. It's been about 9 days since they've had water, the soil has been very moist until today, it's starting to feel a bit less moist. I'm going to start watering smaller quanities and with these small plants in big pots, I'm going to focus on watering the outside mostly.

I noticed these big roots sticking up out of the topsoil. The stalks are getting pretty thick. The plants still have that curling/clawing in the leaves so I'm not going to water yet even though the soil is getting more dry than wet at this point. it's been over 4 days since the last watering, which was clearly too much too soon. As always, will continue to monitor them and see how they are doing tomorrow.

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They're looking much better 👍