Plants are really struggling, but I got some free seeds!

in #grow
4 months ago

The damage on the leaves is spreading across all 3 plants. It kind of looks like rust. I'm definitely concerned

It is covering at least 1/3rd of all the leaves at this point.

It kinda looks like the surface of the leaf has lost it's life there.

It's possible the spray I used on it caused this, even though it should have been fairly gentle. These leaves are fairly thing.

They all have purple stems from mid way up the plant.

I got 28 Fire OG seeds from a friend. Hey! I'll take it!

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Those plants are still doing ok. If I remember you just sprayed rosemary oil on the plants for gnats. Wait for the plant to produce a couple new stages of growth before you write them off. Spraying things on the plant sometimes damages some leaf but usually once the new growth comes in you just pluck off the leaves with damage.


Yeah, it is very possibly the spray. The leaves are fairly thing, probably more sensitive. The plants probably have nutrient problems, and were left solo cups with no drainage with soil so soaked water was pooling up in one of them. I think they may take a week or so to get healthy?

After a burn with an insecticide, the stems of my weed also became half purple, the leaves turned yellow, but after 2 weeks the plant was completely restored, so there is hope.


The stems were purple to begin with.


Some strains naturally have reddish purple stems. This looks completely natural.

You are like the king of free seeds!

I hope they'll recover and go on to be huge bushes! May your harvest be bountiful! 🙏