I got a jewelers loupe

in #grow
10 months ago

Finally got my Loupe

I ordered this with the rest of my stuff it's just taken a while to arrive. I'm going to have to work on using it with the phone to take pics, it's not really meant for that but it'll be cool if I can get some nice shots.

Checking Trichs

I got it for the end of my grow cycle so I can check the trichomes and see where they are at. I think it's important to harvest based on trichome ripeness. This thing works great. It has two different levels of magnification with LED lights for each. Just a cheap loupe off amazon.

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Show us some thricomes wooohooo 🥳

Nice man. The one you’ve seen of mine is super basic but I have a nicer one with led’d and more magnification.

Awesome :) Ty.
That's the same loupe my friend has, and they're really inexpensive. You can get two replacements for a great price on amazon. :D

I've wondered if anyone uses these for their trichome shots or not, because when I first saw the macro shots on here, I thought about diamonds and the little things they use to check the cuts/clarity/etc. Here you are posting about it. :) I guess it was a matter of time before someone showed it being used. I like this a lot! They look slightly different than the other shots I've seen, which is brilliant!

Hello Friend this is a useful tool, I also have a beautiful and useful magnifying glass or microscope. This is my photograph: https://smoke.io/art/@difo92/testing-microscope