Fluence Spydr, or Chinese knock off?

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The Fluence Spydr 2 series LED Grow Light

Over the past 5 or so days I've been going over grow lights like it was a college research project. I've landed on the conclusion that Fluence is the industry leader in LED grow lights, and really, grow lights period. From what I have heard about this companies lights is that they stand above the competition in terms of product quality to a level that clearly separates them from the pack.

Mother Magnolia Medicinals

Testimonials are where it's at, and this is a strong one here. I think it's good to see what people who use the products think about them.

Alaska-Grown Cannabis

I can't find anyone saying anything bad about these lights. Highly efficient, better yield, better quality, what more could you really ask for?


The problem is the price tag. I have heard from a lot of people you want a PPFD between 700-1000 µmol/m2/s to product really high quality cannabis. Their hobbyist model starts at $880 and only gets you an average of 550 µmol/m2/s. The 2p Model gets you an average nearly double that, roughly around 1000 µmol/m2/s. The 2p is a $1400 light.


Alibaba knock off

Someone found me an Alibaba knock off of the Spydr 2p light. With shipping this would run just a bit under $700, which would be half the price of the Fluence model of the light. What would you go with? Is it a risk to buy from a Chinese manufacturer? Is it worth saving $700? Let me know what you think.

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I've risked it to the tune of $900 myself. I got QB panels from a Chinese shop and the workmanship isn't a problem. But you have to be sure the components they're using are as efficient as you'd expect. That's where you'll see the shortfall if it's there. I did my homework, and it took awhile to sort it all out.

If you're considering a DIY setup, you can do the same thing with strips made by Samsung itself, for about a buck a watt. I have 670 watts of QBs in a 4x4. The strips are available from Digikey, etc.

But in general, these new white diodes are far more efficient than anything else available, and they're not crazy expensive. Blurples are zombie-tech now.


That's for the info. I'm still waiting on JB to sign the bill to pull the trigger on buying stuff, but all good stuff to consider.

Part of me feels like $700 is worth avoiding a headache, but that's also a months rent.

Based on experience buying Chinese clones of almost everything over the years, you would likely end up with a product somewhere between the hobbyist model and the 2p. That being said every time you buy a Chinese clone of any product you`re rolling the dice.

I personally would risk it.


I agree with your words.


Big risk if it doesn't pay off. I'm considering it though

Depends, I'd get a smoke alarm if you're getting a knockoff :p