Crecer Lighting PanthrX

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Crecer Lighting PanthrX

I found another lighting fixture to consider, the Crecer Lighting PanthrX. This light seems to offer better light output at increased efficiency over the Fluence Spydr 2x, but it does it with less uniform distribution. The PanthrX is considerably cheaper as well. The Fluence 2p however will produce a greater light output as well as a more uniform distribution.

Youtube Review

I found this nice youtube review of the light, which tests out the actual PAR readings of the light. This is a great video and leads me to believe this would be a truly great light. I am wondering though, what if anything will be left to desire from the Fluence Spydr.

Link to light

On Sale

The maker of that video is a supplier of multiple brands of LED grow lights and this particular light is on sale currently for $749.99. This is a good bit cheaper than the Spydr 2x and nearly half the price of the 2p. The real question here is, when it comes to quality, what costs can be spared? If all other conditions were the same in two side by side grows, with the only difference being the light, how much of an effect would that have on the quality of the buds?

Grow setup decisions are hard

Even if money were not an object these would still be very difficult decisions to make. There's a fine line between spending too much money, and not spending enough to get the quality product you want. I learn more about this stuff every day, but I still don't know enough!

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Lights generally effect quantity a lot more than they effect quality.

Quality (both taste and THC content) comes more from substrate, air quality, nutrients, scheduling and genetics.


All the research I've done about high quality LEDs suggests that they will actually increase both quality of taste and THC content through increased cannabinoid production and increased terpene production. Some cultivators have demonstrated 20% increase in THC and terpene production over high end HPS fixtures.

It does seem to effect yield a lot more though. Some cultivators have demonstrated nearly double the yields on some strains using high end LED over high end HPS fixtures.