Why Is My Weed Turningonyown? Why Are The Stem So Soft? Any Help Are Welcome.

4 months ago

On the 14th of Feb, I said the gods gave me one free plant of weed. The reason I called it a gift from the gods is that I did not remember I planted that and if I were the one who plants it why did it take that long (Almost two mouth) before it shows up?

Ignore the plant beside it, that was what I decided to put before the weed shows up.

I am still wondering and can't answer the question, but the main issue is that why is my weed stem not strong? Is there anything I can do to correct this or this is how it suppose to be?

My cannabis is high, is stunting.

O'lord! My something is bending. LOL... Ignore the plant beside it, that was what I decided to put before the weed shows up.

I have said I will not grow cannabis for now until when I feel like again. The reason is that I have done it like twice and they all died without knowing what happened to them. But I can remember that the stems are also tiny and keep bending until they all die. This present one is also bending and I am afraid it won't die too.

From experience and how much I have learned about cannabis, from the gifs above this is Sativa (Correct me, if am wrong). Sativa is supposed to keep up even Indica will only short and full with leaves, not be bending like this.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this or I should leave it like that, should I brace it or just leave it to keep bending?

Any Helps Are Welcome

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I have some tips for you:

  1. Buy some light soil mix extra for seeding.
  2. Add some extra soil on top for stability.
  3. Give the plants some wind with a blower.
  4. Don't water the plants, until the pots are dry and light.
  5. Don't use too big pots at the beginning. 0.5-1 Liter are the maximum for start.

God bless you Bench, thank you for the tip. I will follow up.

As bench said: light soil.

Your previous plant seemed to be in a very thick type of clay. The soil in this one seems lighter but still could be too thick for the plant to grow solid roots.

Depending on what’s available, and also budget, you may want to look into mixing your own soil with even things like some sand or sawdust.

Most important at young stage is that the plant can grow its roots. This seems a soil issue.


some sand or sawdust.

Nice idea Unnamed, I will give this a try too. Means you've given me a solution to the sticky soil. 🌱

You could use a stick to help prop it up, it looks like it's going towards the light? Could get an overhead light so it grows upwards? 🤔


Holy shi* 😲. Never thought of that but you just wake my brain now. I think that's the problem I have with the bending style they are using. Thanks, I will look try and brace it up and/or get a light for it.

May be he feels alone and wants company and that is why trying to get closer to the other plants.



Okay another good idea. Thanks mate. 😁

Damn bro! Respect for your courage


Lol, risk is life and life itself is risk. Life without risk is boring. 😅🌱

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