Its Refused To Grow, It Did And Then Die Again. All I Have Left Now, Is To Move On.

4 months ago

When I first read that no one have ever die of consuming Marijuana, but gargling in water can lead one into the hospital, I thought this word is a joke or exaggerating. Not until this crazy event happened to me.

Video of me smoking weed some moths ago, for the first time And I felt Fine.

Sometimes ago, I said I haven't smoke Marijuana before but I have used to consuming by edibles. But then I gave it a try and posted about it on this platform, with happiness full all over my heart and face. I actually thought it will be a bad day for me as I have never for once smoke and people are saying "I will cough if I do". I don't like sitting close to smokers. This is not because I hate them but because of myself. I am open-minded person who always see most things in a good way, plus my knowledge about cannabis which means I understand why people smoke weed or want to get high.

So good for me, I felt great on that day. But I was surprised I drank COLD WATER, which I have once been drinking and FIAM!! I was put into bed in the hospital. It been over a year, if not up to 2 years since I had drunk COLD WATER last. I was brought up to like ordinary water or better still warm water. I learned the healthy benefits of warm water from my dad. But I mess with the likeness some days ago and then I saw the other side of the coin.

The event started around last week when a friend of mine came around to check on me. I live in a place where electricity isn't our problem even if the whole country is crying for it, which is the reason why my friend came to use the advantage. You know when guys meet again after a long time, we will want to open some bottles. In some mood, I won't like to drink alcohol, instead I go for just water. He collected Goldberg (A bottle of beer), I collected bottle water, they were cold. In fact, I was breaking blocks in my bottle water.

Within some hours later, I started feeling cold, shaking like bottle on the table of earthquake, vomiting and having Catarrh. I had no choice but to head to the hospital and from there I was asked to take a rest after treatment. What keep coming to my mind is that I only took water now, Why am I here. The long story short, I spent four days in hospital bed.

The plant day 1 (Image from my old post about the day 1 of the plant).

The most sad side of the story is that, while I was in the hospital. I couldn't take care of my Small weed farm which I spent about a month to grow it to like 2-3 inches, they stay un-watered for four days straight and also maybe my younger one's touched them while they came to picked things for me or something, I am not sure but I am very surprise and sad the long time farm dead in just few days like that. I don't want to blame my younger one's even if they are the one who touched them. They stay with me and make me feel better while I was in the hospital. So I just say to myself if I wasn't been eating since my day one in the hospital, probably I will still be fainting by now.

These images of the dead plants. At first they turned yellowish then they start drying off and die.

I was growing the Small Cannabis farm because I am unable to get fresh cannabis here, in my country due to legality issue we have. And the fresh (un-dry) Marijuana is needed for a Canna-milk tutorial I once said I want to post about. I have typed the article for about a month ago now, only the video practical remain which the material is not yet complete. This time around, I have no choice but to make use of dried Marijuana while people who will have access to fresh Cannabis can go and use it for their own practical (Canna-Milk).

About the Author:
PrinceOla is best name that suit me, but calling me any other fancy names wouldn't kill me though. Aspirant criminologist but free minded by nature, cannactivist by writing. I don't know what connection I have with Pluto but I keep telling people that's where I stay, maybe because of the anonymity world we lives in today. I am in still searching for my talent, who knows maybe you can help me find one. Thanks for stopping by!.
A simple heart of love create endless ripple.

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I am so sorry for your plants, go forward and grow other plant again.


Thank you brother! Forward is the only way. I will keep to your word. ✊

I told you not to over pamper it. But it's well at least it germinated, plant a new one it will grow


Hehe he! Yes I remember you said that. Now it have come to pass. 😅

Deeply sorry for your plant. Sometimes, things that we can't just help happen.

All I can say is stay strong and grow another...


Thank you brother, am over it now, I will try another one soon.

These images of the dead plants. At first they turned yellowish then they start drying off and die.

I feel bad about this, but still... your health is more important because if you are alive, you can always grow another. You would have ask someone to take care of it only if that is even possible. So sorry for your plant, please stay feet and grow another one.


Thank you brother, the thing is that I stayed alone in a self contained house, only me and my head. Friends only come and go and family too. Thanks you once again. I will not give up and yes! I am fine now. 😎🚬

Never give up man! You're the king of cannabis in Abeokuta!


Damn! You knew Abeokuta? 😲😮😅. Lol, thanks man. I am not giving up, I am just stepping forward.


Of course I know, I will visit your city soon!


Wow! That's means we are having the same dream Bro, I believe we will meet one day. ;)

Persistence and patience is the key to great success. I guess the same applies to the cannabis cultivation. Though i feel sorry for the dead plants but i know you'll get over it and get it right.


Sure, I will keep trying until I get it. Thanks you buddy.

That’s okay buddy. You can grow another plant whenever you want. But health is important. Glad to know that you are doing fine now. Take care and stay healthy :)


Thank you Betganes,. Yeah! I will. 🤠

Oh sad! i felt like your brothers killed our little babies. but we thank God you are alive.Am from Abeokuta too but reside in Lagos. hope to see soon.


Am so great to find my family here. And yes, hoping to see you one day. Thanks man. 👍🌱

For a while, I was really happy that your cup farm was finally yielding the desired results. Sorry for the plants man...


I was happy seeing it growing too but now it's dead. I thanks God for life thou, I thank God cold water did not kee me. Thank you brother!

I'm sorry to hear about your farm and I'm glad to hear that in the end you are alright.
I agree, warm water is mich better for the body then cold water. I personally tend to avoid cold water and drink mostly like warm water or just a tinny bit on the cold side but not to vary from the like warm temperature a lot. I would, when I would drink cold water feel a little bit of sick. I don't like the feel to it aswell.


I am only good at talking by typing, when it comes to real life, I see talking as big work. This is because of my throat, it's not too strong, I can't even shout to call someone attention and most people around me always be like "can you say it again?". I am strong in body but not in throat. If I consume cold water with this kind health of mine, it is much like a poison which is also while I prefer warm water, there are some situations I will like it cold but most I love it warm.

Thank you Zuculuz.