How Important is Curing Your Cannabis?

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6 months ago

Curing your cannabis is a vital step for potent, quality-grade medical marijuana.

It would be like having a spliff of premium bud and no lighter to smoke it.

There’s a major difference between premature cannabis and cured. If your cannabis is premature it will taste like hay and will not burn very good.

Not to mention, if you grew a high-quality strain with the potential of 28% THC, you might be smoking something that only has about 10% THC due to how the compounds mature. Not curing your cannabis after all of your hard work is really doing yourself a disservice just like Janet Jackson’s equipment failure back in Nipplegate.

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So, what is curing for stoners who don’t know?

Once you harvest and hang your cannabis to dry, high-quality marijuana requires a more controlled and slower drying process to have a superior cannabinoid profile. Curing your cannabis allows bacteria to chemically break down chlorophyll in the plant.

Ever smoked a joint and it hit you like drinking sour milk and you coughed your ass off?

Most likely the answer is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll will produce a harsh smoking experience.

When a cannabis plant is cut, the process of producing high-quality cannabinoids doesn’t just end there, it will continue until all of the water in the buds are gone; therefore, the ability to manipulate the drying environment will impact the overall quality of your finished cannabis. If the conditions are too dry, the buds will dry too quickly and lack its full potential of THC. On the other hand, if the conditions are too wet, the buds can rot and mold... total failure.

How do you cure cannabis?

There is a myriad of techniques on the internet and different methods; however, curing your cannabis is easier than making a Willie Nelson Apple Bong. This isn’t rocket science, but it does take some dedication to do it right.

Basic DIY curing process:

Hang your trimmed buds still on the branch on a string or coat hangers in a dark, dry area. Inside of a grow tent works well or dedicate a closet or cupboard that you can prop the door open just a crack.

You want indirect airflow on your buds. What this means is, you want a fan blowing on low, but not directly at the drying buds. You can place a fan around the corner and indirect air will reach your buds. If you’re drying inside of a grow tent, position a fan so it’s against the exhaust outlet, this will create indirect airflow inside of the tent.

Some growers will say to wait until the branch is dry enough to snap before the buds go into a mason jar; however, if you debud the stems right before they snap, more moisture will remain in the buds.

Day 3 of branch drying is a good time to see if the stems bend easily without snapping. Doing this is an advantage to your curing process because if most of the moisture is gone from the buds before they go into the jar, you have to work twice as hard to put moisture back in them.

Curing Cannabis is a 3-week process:

I know, I know... you been drier than an Eskimo away from home and just want to smoke up, but it is worth the wait I promise!

Week 1

Once you trim your buds off the stem, place them in a mason jar about 3/4 full and cover. Place the jars in total darkness for 24 hours. Now the fun begins, burping your cannabis is very important for fresh air to enrich your chemical composition and slowly dry your buds. For the first week, you will need to burp your cannabis twice a day.

It’s a good idea to take them out of the jar and spread them out so the air dries them evenly. An hour or so for the first few days is a good idea, then back it off to 20 minutes.

Week 2

The best buds stick together isn’t just a metaphor, it’s a good sign going into week 2 of curing. At this point, your buds should be sticking together in the mason jar. This is a sign of good things to come. During week 2, you should be burping your weed once a day and taking it out of the jars for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Week 3

Heaven is just around the corner, your weed is smelling better than an expensive bottle of cologne, and the temptation to stay out of it is killing you, but you must remain diligent.

Your cannabis buds should start to tumble freely in the jar when you hold it on its side and roll it. If they don’t, take em out for 5 to 10 minutes and cover. If they do, you can leave them in the jar and just burp once a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you follow the above curing methods for your cannabis, you will have a high-quality product that tastes great and Upsmokes some of the best weed from your local dispensaries.

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Was gonna cure mine but those darn hipsters came and stole all my mason jars.

“Out of beer glasses,” they said.



Amazing details.. I copied your tutorials and I will surely apply this in my growing... thanks!

Well, you seems more a scientist then a simple smoke grower. There are lot of things that your are taking care of, leaving nothing to chance.

I think it is an important part that lots of folks seem to forget.

Thank you for this info. I think that curing is an often underrated part.

Great advice... especially the part about not letting the stems dry until they snap

You seem to know your thing. A lot can be learned from this.

As far as taste is concerned, yes, curing is pretty vital. Concerning potency though, it doesn't have an affect on that. Only thing affecting potency is temp and light.

I am too late. Glad I found you, however.
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last year I got obsessed with mine whilst waiting for them to be ready … :D took tons of pictures!

Great advice on curing! What are your views on dry or wet trimming, i prefer dry trim as to prevent chlorophyll spreading over the bud while trimming wet. I feel the bud drys slower if you trim once dry, would this enhance the terps? Curious to find out more about wet curing if you have an opinion or experience in this method? Thanks😁