What a fear, a little more time and I have run out of plants.

4 months ago

Hello smoke friends, I was on my terrace, very quiet, smokin a joint and looking at the plants.

When suddenly I realize and the dog is eating! NOOOOOO !! What scared me!

The truth is that they are two rogues.

Luckily, I quickly realized!

  • All photographs are from my property captured with mobile wiko pulp fab.
  • The photographs are retouched with the snapseed application.
  • I hope you like them and that they are to your liking, a greeting for the smoke readers.

#grow #edibles #life #legalize

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Looking nice, The dogs I am talking about of course haha the plants are looking amazing




hahahaha thank you

Your dogs know what is good for them :P

Nice wooden fence planter!!


thank you, it is made with pallet wood.

Nice story. It is not that uncommon for dogs to eat greens. They need it for digestion. My dog ate it from time to time and he lived up to be 14 y old, with 11 years of epilepsy. Sadly, he was put to sleep 1 month ago.


Yes, I have a poodle that lasted 14 years. Every year he eats cannabis hahaha, the one in the picture has four and I never ate any of the plants.

Send my warmest regards to your adorable dogs😊😄


It will be a great pleasure. Thank you very much brother ;)