My cannabis plants are ready to reward me fiends the very first time.

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last year

Dear friends it’s a long time ago I posted here about the expedition of the marijuana and I also shared the views on cannabis industry what our native peoples of India thinks about it.

In this post I am going to cover my own plantation and plant information I am growing alongside my fields and I am happy that my cannabis plants are ready to give me some rewards.

So dear friends this is the first time I am seeing some flowers and buds on my cannabis little trees and I am feeling very excited and happy to share it with all of you.









Dear friends suggest me your wonderful ideas and suggestions as how can I enjoy the beautiful output and it’s productivity for the growth of the cannabis sector.

Thank you dear friends.

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But those are the male plants buddy and won't give you anything like buds that you can smoke. But their flowers still have THC, so if you don't have other option than these plants, try making Pollens from those flowers, it will work for you.


Thank you buddy, it’s my first ever experience so will learn a lot of things in due course of time. By the way thank you for your wonderful suggestions.

If you want to harvest thc strong weed you'll need to get rid of the male plants or they'll ruin the whole batch


Yes it’s now hurting me that I did a blunder mistake.
Thank you for your wonderful reply and suggestions.


No worries, learning experience


Thank you dear friend @indica

They look very healthy, pity about those males, but at least you will make some seeds for next season..


Hey dear friend @stoner definitely yes I learned a lot of things after all.
God bless you dear friend.

The last three pictures are not from you ?


Dear friend these pictures are mine and the difference is only I taken those on evening and previous are taken on afternoon.