My Winter Garden : Melting snow to make water for my plants....

6 months ago

My plants like fresh clean perfectly PH balanced rainwater to grow....

So what do we do in Canada in the Middle of a Snow Storm ?

We melt snow ....

I don’t run fans so I aerate my soil with a paint brush (make holes) and bring the water directly to the roots. This way I avoid any mould from forming on the wet soil. I am also putting used coffe grounds on the top of the soil to kill any fuzzy mould that might start up from the humidity in the soil. So far so good....

I let the water (melted snow) warm up to room temp (20 Celsius) before pouring onto the plants.

Lots of snow... and more on the way






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Hey dude, good work there plants are looking lovley and collecting the snow, only have you tested the Ph of the melted snow? It is a good idea to use used coffee grounds on top of the soil as they are rich in N, but it is very hard to get mold on the soil. Maybe some algae but that is nothing to worry about - that would be just overwatering issues. Again poking those holes would be great if the soil is soaked, I'm guessing that you are careful and not damaging the roots. Just don't water them as much and so often. What I would do is build 2 or 3 sided reflective surface from a large cardboard box - this would raise the temperature a bit and give the plants more light. Good luck dude whatever you decide!


I have some of that shiny duct sealing tape that I could use to create the reflective surface.... will try that.


Thanks... yes.. i appreciate the tips. This is my 1st indoor grow so I am learning a lot as I go. I don’t have enough air movement in the basement. I will need a few small fans.... and I think I was overwatering as there was some fuzzy white stuff starting.


For that get an old pc fan vent (all kids these days have some pc junk laying around) and an old phone charger that you are not using anymore. Just split the cord (make it as long as possible so cut at phone jack) - and connect to the PC fan. Usually, it is black w black & red w red but you cannot fuck up if you connect the wires wrong way it just won't work. Cheap brease.


Yes... good idea ... you can also buy very cheap fans that plug into the port USB port of an old laptop or phone charger....

Honey-Can-Do OFC-04476 Compact USB Powered Desk Fan, 6 x 4.5 x 6", Black Hone...

soon you will have super plant continues growing very beautiful canada and your house too


Thanks.... the small garden is my favourite place to be.

And how much snow you need for like 15 litres of water?


We have enough ....


hahaha... looks like you have enough to share as well!! cool gaden and really beatifull superman drawing! loved it


10:1 ....... 150 litres of snow....