My Solocup Challenge Update ...

5 months ago

Here is an update on my Solocup Challenge High CBD Cannabis seedling.

I noticed some white fuzzy mold on the top of my soil so I am trying to combat with
some dry coffee grounds (acidic) .... We will see if it works.




#solocup #solocupchallenge #cbd #seedling

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Nice one man, It is coming along very nice


Thanks.... I’m hanging in there. Slow and steady...

Wonderful job on, you are doing so good and your plant are also turning out well.


I sure hope she’s a girl. 50/50 chance here.....

Ride on man, your plants are doing great. Good luck on the challenge


Thanks.... I am happy that it is still growing. I put the tiny sprouts into the soil too soon.

Nice job man, your plant is doing great.


Thanks. I’m trying to keep it alive.

Best of luck combating the mould 😷


I have had this problem before and the coffee grounds worked..... But I also has the Summer sun beaming down on them and this one is in my basement under an LED Light bulb.

its beautiful , little girl :D