It just takes 1 boy plant and 1 girl plant to populate the whole earth with Cannabis.

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10 months ago

Think big.

Plant Cannabis Seeds every day. Until the earth is covered with Cannabis.

Free Medicine for Everyone.

Math Quiz :

If you have 4 grow seasons per year and each female plant can produce 100 seeds .... and 50% are female.... how many years would it take before you have 1 Billion Cannabis plants ?

Answer : 1.1 years

In the perfect temperatures this could be grown outdoors. Maybe in Venezuela or the Middle East. Less War, More Cannabis. Heal the Nations.



You'd be looking at 1 female creating 50-females every 3-months.....

1,000,000,000 = 1x50^n where n = number of seasons.

After n = 5 seasons, you'd have ~9.75Million seeds;
After n = 6 seasons, you'd have ~15.63Billion seeds;

when n = 5.29 seasons (if you could have partial seasons) -- you'd hit ~1Billion seeds.
Since you can't have partial seasons, you'd need 6-three-month seasons, for around 18months

1.1 years for 1 Billion plants at that point producing 50 Billion seeds

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Not only Medicine for everyone but also the greener and healthier planet will heal the atmosphere. As far as the quiz is concerned, i'll let the experts do the calculations.


I Posted the same Quiz on Steemit and a Mathematician calculated the answer in a few minutes..... 1. 1. years for 1 Billion plants.

.not even taking clones into consideration. Love this post


yes... so true. With Cannabis being made Legal it will soon cover the entire earth.


It might. But you also get this really weird thing. that people. like to. do. where they just pull. plants out for no reason.

You will populate the world with Cannabis.
I love to have few of those seeds.


They would grow much faster in warmer climates. And with Ruderalis autoflowering Hybrids - you could get thousands of seeds from a single plant.

If only we had full control, every square inch of this planet would be coverd with cannabis :P


hehehe.. and then we would had been living with cannabis clothes on.. more like this :D...

such a beautiful picture, she/he looks happy :)