Infinite Free Weed. All you ever need. Takes 2 seeds. One boy. One girl.

11 months ago

Plant a Garden of Love.....

You can grow an unlimited, infinite supply of Free weed.

It takes one boy plant. One girl plant.

Let them have crazy wild plant sex in the garden..... wait a few weeks....

Harvest the seeds. Share with friends.

Everyone has Free weed forever and ever amen.


#free #seeds #garden #freeweed #plants #sex #gardenofeden #gardenoflove.

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Hope this brings you some memories!




Awesome...... we would go for breakfast and Sharky would give us a coupon for Lunch. We would go for lunch and Sharky would give us a coupon for dinner.... we would go for dinner and Sharky would give us a coupon for breakfast.... and so on the whole week we were there.


Did Dorian come by while you were there ?


A little on Friday night and the water was really high on the beaches but no damage thank goodness. And yesterday was bright and beautiful!

I want planting it too but it is prohibited in my place. I just hope one day I could have it secretly.


Soon everyone will be able to grow as much weed as they want.


I hope you're allowed to grow soon 🙏