Grow your own weed. For Free, Plant some seeds and let it grow.

11 months ago

Grow your own weed.

Outdoors it grows for Free.

All the free weed you could ever imagine.

No chemicals, no pesticides. Plant some seeds and let it grow.

For Free. It’s all Free.

Just like God (the Universe) and Mother Earth intended. Male and Female these plants are created. Let some go to seed and you will have unlimited Free Cannabis forever and ever.

All the THC and CBD you could ever need.



#cannabis #weed #free #thc #cbd

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I really want to grow outdoor I actually had a plant growing beautifully outside but then my dog ate the whole think and yes I love my weed but I also love my dog so now I need to get some grow lights just to be able to grow

Hell yeah thats so awesome great post, cheers


Thanks man. I think there are very few who think this way though. Oh well.... people must have a lot of money to be paying $10 a gram for something that grows like a weed....

I think you're onto something here.. 👍